Our biggest release since sliced bread: ReadyForZero PLUS

When we started a company that would use technology to help people build wealth by reducing their debts, we knew that it would have to evolve. Technology moves quickly, new expectations are set, and the bar is constantly raised. Today, we’re proud to unveil our biggest feature launch since ReadyForZero was born, and to raise the bar again, with ReadyForZero PLUS.

PLUS puts you in complete control by allowing you to send payments to your debts directly from the plan, all for a little more than the cost of a latte every month. No more logging in to other bank sites – it’s all in one place. You can log in whenever you want, schedule your payments for the month, and get back to your life knowing that you’re building a solid financial future.

But we didn’t stop at payments alone. The ability to pay is woven deeply into the plan. It’s connected to all the great visualizations, information, and reminders that ReadyForZero already offers.

For example, we wanted you to be able to schedule a payment and understand what it means for your future. Has your credit card or loan company ever told you how much interest you would save in the long run by making an extra payment? Have they ever shown you, visually, the impact on your progress to zero? PLUS does, right when you schedule a payment, in real-time. And it adds up your interest savings as you go, so you can see how much interest you haven’t paid, thanks to your hard work.

We’ve also made our notifications more powerful, to help you make decisions at the right times. Just got your paycheck? We send you a deposit notification, and show you how far an extra payment can take you. Just made a large purchase on a credit card? You’ll see how much it costs long term, and your options for shaving off those extra interest fees. If you have our iPhone app, you can get these alerts wherever you are, right when they happen.

The net result is a world-class tool that gives you complete control of your finances. We think you’ll love it, and we’ve kept the price rock bottom. Give ReadyForZero PLUS a try! There’s a 30 day free, easy-to-cancel trial, and it’s $4.99 per month after that. If you bring a couple friends along, you even get 30 days free for each referral. If you choose not to use PLUS, don’t worry – the ReadyForZero that you already use and love will continue to be free.

We’re working tirelessly to make you the absolute best financial tools out there, and your feedback plays a huge part in what we do. Drop us a line on Facebook, Twitter, or by email and let us know what you think.

From the whole team here, thanks for your business and your continued support of our mission.

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