Weekly Shout Outs: Identity Protection Edition

Weekly Shout Outs: Identity Theft EditionNow that the holidays are here, the times are full of magic, fun, and…identity theft? It’s sad but true that this time of year can be one of the most common for any kind of theft, identity included. With more people shopping both in stores and online (and usually in a rush to get it all done before the holidays) shoppers may not be as cautious as they typically would be. That’s why we’re sharing articles this week that are all about identity protection so you can enjoy the season without having to worry.

How You Can Avoid Falling for the Latest Identity Theft Scam (Good Financial Cents)
Looking for information on how to protect your identity, avoid common scams, and what to do if your identity is stolen? This article lists everything you need to know to protect yourself.

3 Times It’s Crucial to Monitor Your Credit (Credit.com)
It’s always good to be familiar with your credit score so you can easily notice any changes, but there are times when this advice becomes more crucial. Read on to find out when that is and how to check your report.

When You Should Consider Freezing Your Credit Report (Money Q&A)
If you have checked your credit report and fear the worst, you could consider freezing your credit report. This article tells you when this may be necessary and how it works.

Facebook, Texting Increases Your Risk of Identity Theft: Here’s What to Do (MoneyUnder30)
The rise of social media has led to even more identity theft scams. So before you update your Facebook or Twitter profile, read here about steps you should take to protect your identity.

Identity Theft (Someone Bought a House in My Name) (Making Sense of Cents)
Identity theft can even happen to people under 18! Read this blogger’s story about how it happened to her and what she does to protect her identity now.

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And for some more holiday advice, check out our newest guest posts for Credit.com. We talk about how couples can plan a frugal holiday – without it ending up in a breakup – and we weigh the pros and cons of taking on a part-time holiday job.

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