How to Schedule a Payment on ReadyForZero PLUS

Have you recently signed up for ReadyForZero PLUS? Congratulations! You’re now taking your plan to the next level. Now, let’s talk about how you can set up your payments to ensure that you never miss a beat.

1) Identify a Source Account and Payee Accounts

The first thing you’ll want to do is link to your checking account. Your checking account is the account from which your payments and your subscription fee will be withdrawn from. You’ll only have to link to this once but please be sure that this is an account which stays funded for your payments. If you don’t have the funds to cover a pending payment, you will receive an automated email from us.

What if you have trouble linking to your account? Send an email to and we can investigate for you. If this happens to one of the accounts you’ve enabled for payments, don’t worry! As long as you don’t delete the account your payments will still go through as scheduled.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that your payee accounts have been linked. The payee account is the one you’ll be sending payments to. All accounts can be linked in the Accounts tab using the blue “link account” button.

link account

2) Schedule Payments in the Payee Tab

Now that your accounts have been linked they are ready to be enabled for payments. Head over to the payments tab and click on the blue “make a payment” button. From there, you’ll be taken through a series of steps to schedule your payment. The first thing you’ll do is select your checking account out of the drop down menu for source accounts. Remember, this is the account from which money will be withdrawn to make payments. Then you’ll select your payee.

make payment

Once you’ve selected your payee account, you’ll be asked to enter an account number and your lender’s billing zip code. The reason we’re asking you for the zip code is because that is used to determine the exact payee – as there are some banks and lenders with similar names.

billing zip code

You can find your lender’s billing zip code two ways:

1) Check your paper statement and look for the address you would send a check to when making a payment. The zip code associated with that address is the zip code you need.


2) Go to your lender’s website and view your statement electronically. Again, look for the address on top of the statement that you would be required to send a check to if you were to pay by check. That zip code is the one you need.

billing-address2Once you’ve entered your account number and your lender’s zip code, a drop down menu of potential matches will pop up. View that list and select your lender. Please don’t select a payee if you’re not sure it’s the same as your lender. If you’re not sure, send an email to and tell us what payee you’re looking for. We can then review our master list of payees to check for you.

*If you’re making a payment on a Sallie Mae account, you will be asked to perform more steps to designate the proper payee account. Read this blogpost for more information and step-by-step instructions.

Once you’ve selected your payee, it’s time to enter a payment amount and date. From here, you can select a variety of options: one-time, monthly, and biweekly. One-time means you only want to make a payment once while monthly allows you to set up your payment to recur automatically for the same amount on the same date each month. Note: once your account is paid off, you will need to manually turn off the monthly payments.

What about biweekly? Biweekly is especially suited for fixed loans such as mortgages and student loans and is intended to help you pay your debt off even faster. With this payment schedule, you would pay half of your monthly payment every other week. This equals one extra payment per year and can make quite a big difference on the life of your loan! Use this calculator to see how much money you can save by making biweekly payments. The most important word of advice is to make sure that your second biweekly payment arrives before your first due date. That way you will be paid in full for your first month and can rest easy from then on out. Have questions? Here is a blog post to help you setup your biweekly payments.

3) Sit Back and Relax

Your ReadyForZero PLUS payment of $75.00 saved you $42.89.Now that your payments have been scheduled, all you have to do is sit back and relax – we’ll take care of the rest! If we predict any sort of problem with a pending payment – such as an issue with your source account, insufficient funds, or an issue with your payee account – you will receive an email from us. Don’t ignore your ReadyForZero PLUS emails! These share valuable information to help you ensure that your payments are made on time.

Want to double check that everything’s okay? You can view scheduled and paid payments on your ReadyForZero profile on the payments tab. If you still have questions or are nervous a payment may not go through, send an email to We’re always happy to troubleshoot for you or simply check the status of your payments.

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