How to Pay Off Your Amazon Card


Did you sign up for one of those can’t-miss offers where you get a free $50 gift card to use at the world’s largest online marketplace in exchange for an approved Amazon Visa Credit Card? It can be hard to turn down, especially since their system is set up to instantaneously give you the credit on a purchase you are making in the moment (how’s that for instant gratification?). Not to mention their additional incentive of giving you $1 to spend for free on for every 100 reward points you redeem (I could do some damage with that as well). However, as with all rewards cards, the temptation to get into debt can be too great.

No matter what kind of credit card perks you get when you sign up—free gift cards, free gifts, cash back—there always comes the time when you need to “pay the piper”. Let me show you how to pay your Amazon Credit Card, whether it’s just a little bit of money, or whether you’ve gotten yourself into a bit of a debt hole.

How to Log In and Pay Your Credit Card

The current Amazon Visa credit card is issued through Chase. This means that you will need to pay your credit card through Chase’s website. The specific Chase website for Amazon’s credit card is: After clicking on that link, follow these steps:

  • Sign into your Chase Account.

  • Scroll down to locate your Amazon Rewards Visa Card.

  • Click “Pay Credit Card”.

  • On the next screen, you can choose to pay the statement balance, current balance, minimum due, or any other amount that you specify.

  • On the verification screen, ensure you have the correct payment information, and then click “Schedule Payment”.

  • If you prefer to send your payment in through the mail, the information for how to do so will be on your statement. Your first statement will come in the mail after your first billing cycle (unless you have logged in ahead of time to choose paperless statements).

  • You can also call Chase at 1-800-432-3117 with any questions.

Note: If you have an Amazon credit card that was not issued by Chase bank, then you can call the number on the back of your credit card for more information on how to make a payment.

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Steps for Paying off a Large Amount of Debt

Did the holidays cause a build-up on your Amazon credit card? Or perhaps you finally purchased all of those items on your Amazon Wish List, only to accrue a little more debt than you can handle? Not to worry. Here are three ways that allow you to pay more than the minimum due so that you pay the least amount of interest possible as well as paying off your credit card debt faster:

Trim Your Grocery Bill for the Month: Challenge yourself to eat through your cupboards, freezer, and refrigerator bins. Build meals around ingredients that you already have for several weeks, use these tips to further pare down your grocery bill, and take any of the extra money saved to put towards your credit card bill.

Opt for a $0 Entertainment Budget this Month: Have you ever seriously thought about taking your entertainment budget down to $0 on a temporary basis? This doesn’t mean you need to suffer in boredom. Start in your own home by enjoying books, games, bicycles and other activities that you “never have time for”. Then do a Google search for free + your town/city. You may be surprised with what you find. Here are some other ways to decrease your entertainment budget while still enjoying yourself.

Use that Tax Return for Good: Did you receive a tax refund? Before allowing yourself the opportunity to spend it, consider a portion of it already spent and put it towards your Amazon credit card. Your future self will thank you.

Whatever you decide to do, try to get in control of your Amazon card debt and any other types of debt you have. As always, ReadyForZero can help you make a plan to pay it all off. And if you have further questions about your Amazon card or any other card, ask them in the comments section below.

Do you have an Amazon credit card? What convinced you to get it, and was it worth it to you?

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  • Dee

    We love our Amazon card because we shop on Amazon all the time. We buy basics like granola bars, soap, makeup, etc on Amazon because if you buy in bulk its often cheaper than buying from a store and we pay no tax and get free shipping. We also use our swagbucks for Amazon giftcards and there are coupons you can clip on the Amazon site for some of these basics. Plus we can redeem our rewards points from using the credit card! We always pay our cc bills in full, so for us it’s a great deal.

    • Frugal_Confessions

      I’m glad it’s working out so well for you guys, mainly because of your financial savvy! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Janet West

    Great ideas. I’m actually working on paying my Amazon card off and they keep offering more.

    • Frugal_Confessions

      You can do it, Janet! Resist the temptation from Amazon and get back to zero…it’ll be worth it:).

  • Yesspaz

    My stays paid off. I reckon I’m one of the few who actually do get the freebies. 😀

  • Jamie Bri

    Does “Schedule payment” on Chase’s website mean I can’t just pay whatever I owe whenever I want, but only on a certain date?

  • Patricia Kalyn Pabst

    Hello. Could you please inform of the available methods to pay the bill to chase bank. Your blog is very helpful, but I can’t see the possible methods until I’ve signed up for the account, and don’t know if I can use it until I know if I can pay with another visa debit card, or by Paypal… Something like that.
    Please advise, and thank you in advance.

  • Lisa

    Can you pay if off with a credit card? We pay off our credit cards every month so no fees, but we want to still get miles through our other credit card?