How to Maximize the Impact of a Positive Change


Change, no matter the size or scope, can be daunting. The fear that precedes or follows said change can be a hard beast to pin down, appearing for reasons you may not have thought of with your logical, conscious mind.

So once you’ve overcome the initial hurdle (or hurdles, as the case may be), established habits to cement the change, and notice your world change shape as a result, it’s a milestone to be marked.

But change – just like learning – doesn’t have a clear end. You don’t lose 50 pounds and say, “There we go, that’s done. Now I can go back to how my life was before.” It’s always a work in progress.

If you’ve recently made a change in your life, now it’s time to maximize the impact and ensure that you – and the rest of the world – really reap the benefits of your hard work.

Take a mental snapshot of your before and after

Do you know how far you’ve come?

If the change you’ve initiated was a long time coming, the process may have become so ingrained in you that it’s hard to remember the struggle that spurred the journey in the first place.

You may not want to go back to that place, but it’s important to really see the big picture of where you came from.

Sit with it. Remember the feelings. Think about who you were – or who you thought you were – at that time.

The point is not to think poorly about who you were before, but to think positively about how far you’ve come. Once you see the distance between the two, you are able to recognize the power behind your desire to change.

Shed some light for others

Sometimes the most awe-inspiring indicator of the change you’ve accomplished is when you recognize the fact that you now have something to share with others that stand where you once stood.

We’ve all reaped the benefits of someone shedding some light on our current situation because they’ve been there, but there is also a huge benefit to the one shedding the light as well. It’s a reminder that the change they’ve accomplished is significant.

Not only that, but it creates a ripple effect – your change sparks change in someone else. And that can continue on farther than you even thought was possible.

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Keep recommitting to growth, change, and positive improvements

No matter how enlightened or evolved we believe we are, we always have things to learn from, things to work on, things to grow from. That is just life.

So one change doesn’t mean that you’ve crossed the finish line and you can sit back and watch life pass you by. In fact, it should be more of a snowball effect – growth in one area of our lives should inspire growth in other areas as well. It’s how we become the very best versions of ourselves we were meant to be.

ReadyForZero’s F3 Challenge reminds us of this – you may think that your finances operate separately from your relationship with food or fitness, but there are common threads through each and every area of our lives. We cannot isolate change and expect everything else to stay the same.

And why would you want it to?

Change is fluid – we must be willing to go with the flow or stifle the very meaningful change we were already able to create.

Bask in the glory of a job well done

Celebrations, in my opinion, are vastly underrated.

I see celebrating milestones in much the same way as declaring your goals to others in the hope that it gives you some sense of accountability. If you celebrate your accomplishments, you’ve shown the world what you are capable of, and you hold yourself to that standard the next time around as well.

Once you’ve shown how good you can be, you are far more motivated to reach for that high bar – even more so when you know that there is recognition and accolades waiting for you.

But don’t wait for the outside world to tell you how wonderful you are. You are fully capable of patting yourself on the back, recognizing how far you’ve come, and what huge things it could mean for your life.

Be your biggest cheerleader, your most dependable ally, but always be willing to celebrate the change you’ve created.

If you don’t, what is the point of working for the change in the first place?

Final thoughts

No matter how long it took you to get to this point, or how hard you struggled, this change is just the beginning.

But don’t let that thought be daunting – it simply shows how much greatness your life has the ability to hold.

Image Credit: robert.molinarius

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  • After I ran the marathon, I had this moment of “uh-oh, now what”. I had gotten super fit during my training, but I hadn’t put a plan in place for how I would maintain that fitness through the winter and after my big race.

    • Claire Murdough

      It’s incredible how much planning goes into an accomplishment like that!! The “now what” mentality is something that catches a lot of people off guard. But continuing with the small, sustainable steps is a great way to maximize on success!

    • Interesting! That can definitely relate to financial goals too – like paying off debt and then wondering how to maintain the new financial habits that helped you get there.