How to Leverage Social Media to Sell Your Car

How to Leverage Social Media to Sell Your Car

If you’re serious about getting out of debt, it will probably take some serious sacrifices to reach your goal of debt freedom. And sometimes that might mean selling a car that has a big car payment attached to it.

Getting rid of your car loan is a smart way to help alleviate the problem of owing more on your car than it’s worth. One of the best ways you can do that is by leveraging social media and getting the word out to your friends and family.

Not only is this a good way to let people know you’re selling the car, you’ll also have the opportunity to get a higher selling price than what you’re originally asking for. Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn you can interact with a potential buyers in your area or surrounding areas, for free. Here’s how:

List your car using online classifieds

Besides just the normal classifieds section with your local newspaper, you can use sites like Craigslist and eBay Classifieds to list your car for free. Make sure to take good, high quality photos and share a decent description of your car and it’s features. Then once you’ve published the ad, you can promote these links on your social media accounts.

Promote the sale of your car socially

Share the news that your car is for sale on your Facebook and Twitter feeds, and ask your friends to share and retweet your listing. You might not think your social reach is enough, but asking everyone you’re connected with to pass the information along can be priceless.

Each one of your friends, followers and family members have social reach too, so your car is much more likely to sell when you can make more people aware of this fact. You never know who will come across your car, simply through shared content.

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Create a Facebook fan page or group


Create more buzz around the sale of your car by creating a new Facebook fan page or group titled “CAR FOR SALE”. Include pictures of the car’s exterior and interior, and write descriptive captions for every picture that detail car’s make, model, year, color, etc.

Start the album with only a few photos, adding new ones every couple of days, so you don’t overload people’s feeds with your updates and photos all at once. This is also a perfect opportunity to share a personal story of the fun adventures you’ve had with the car and the awesome places you’ve been. This creates a personal story surrounding the car instead of just being something that gets you from point A to point B.

Target buyers with Twitter hashtags

Another great form of social search is to implement Twitter hashtags. By using the number sign with corresponding searches like #carforsale or #usedcars, you’ll be able to search and find results just like a regular search engine.

Hashtags allow you to target specific keywords that people may be using in actual conversations on Twitter. If someone is engaging followers about buying a car, looking for a good deal or anything related to car buying, you can follow that conversation through whatever hashtags are being used.

If you approach people and share the link to your listing letting them know what you have to offer, do it in a way where you’re trying to help them be aware of all the options. This is a smart social media strategy to help you get the most money for your car.

Post photos of your car on Instagram

Since Instagram is a photo driven social media platform, don’t forget to post your photos of the car on it too. You can use the #hashtag feature here to create tags that will point potential buyers to your car and let them know it’s for sale.

Obviously you want to make sure the car is cleaned up and in sparkling condition. And if you have any cute pets, like dogs or cats that you can take photos of in the car, that’s even better. The more buzz you can create about your car, the better price you’ll be able to get.

Offer a special discount

You could even offer them a discount if they tell you they heard about the sale on Facebook or Twitter. Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and structure all of your social networking efforts around that mindset.

And finally, remember that your potential online buyers don’t care about the fact that you’re selling your car, they care that they need to buy a car. Cater to them by using language that talks about your car’s best features or selling points. Hopefully these tips will enable you to get a good return when you sell your car, and that will help you get out of debt faster.

Have you ever used social media to sell a big ticket item like a car? Would you ever buy a car from someone who was using social media to promote the sale?

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  • We recently sold one of our cars on Craigslist to the first person that came to look at it. Probably the least amount of stress I could have had when selling a car.

    • Haha, that sounds pretty darn pleasant! I’m glad you were able to make the sale quickly and efficiently. Did you have to engage in any negotiating with the buyer?

  • Social media is great for selling cars. I’m happy it’s becoming easier and easier to do so, and you no longer have to pay money to put it into an auto trading paper or newspaper.

    • Exactly! Now there are enough ways to get attention for your car without buying a classified ad.

  • Social media is a weapon in online world to spread your words like a Viral.

    You can buy and sell any thing through social media.

  • Social media has overcome the society now. Many ways have been undergone in this site. The power of social media has been awaken the minds of the people.