Ask the Get Out of Debt Guy: How to Find Out Who You Owe

Ask-the-Get-Out-of-Debt-GuyHere at ReadyForZero, we’re all about taking a holistic view of your finances. While we want to focus on helping you get out of debt, there are many ways that you can optimize your finances to both get out of debt and build wealth. One of the most important aspects of this is to educate yourself – which is why we cover so many topics on our blog and our resource centers.

But now we’re going to take a step further to make sure that we address everything you need to know in order to optimize for the best financial future possible. How are we going to do this? With the help of our good friend, Steve Rhode! Steve is a well-known debt expert who answers questions on his own website and is now offering help specifically to ReadyForZero users. Read on for today’s topic and answer from Steve!

Today’s question is from someone who owes a significant amount on student loans and credit card debt and is finally ready to repay on them. Only problem, this person doesn’t know exactly how much is owed to whom. Question: How can you find out who you owe?

Steve’s answer to How to Find Out Who You Owe

There is no one place to find out all you owe. The most comprehensive way though is to get a three bureau consolidated credit report which will show all that are reporting to the credit bureaus. Not all creditors report to all credit bureaus, this is why we need the consolidated report. You can get individual credit reports for free from

Our Take

Great answer, Steve! Yes, you could go down the list of lenders on each of your credit reports to find out exactly how much you owe and to whom. Don’t forget, if you catch any errors on your credit report, you can dispute them! Read Michael Delgado’s guest post on our blog for more information on how to protect yourself if you’re the victim of credit card fraud.

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  • TB at

    How do some people not know who they owe money to? Isn’t that known? I know I just have my mortgage left. Easy. I can see how someone might be always in debt and in trouble if they don’t even know who they owe to!

    • Exactly! It’s hard to get out of debt if you don’t have that basic information. Sometimes the debt is sold to another lender, in which case it can get tricky to figure out who you actually owe.

    • Jerome Malone

      If the account has been delinquent for a while but sold 3 or 4 times, then they’re sometimes all listed. It’s not impossible to figure out, but it’s not always as simple as “Oh I was delinquent with company A, so the account is with them still.” You’re also under the assumption that these people only have one account, e.g. your mortgage.