Monday Shout Outs: How to Find a Job – and Keep It – Edition

How to Find a Job - and Keep ItCollege graduation is exciting, right? Right? Wait, you’re so worried about finding a job that you wish you could find a way back into those safe school hallways? Panicking certainly won’t help so let’s talk about tools that will help you get a step ahead of the competition.

What if you’re not a new college grad but still need help find a job? These tips will help you too!

It’s Time to Update Your LinkedIn! (Savvy Sugar)
When’s the last time you’ve updated your LinkedIn account? Don’t disregard this powerful social media tool in your job search! Savvy Sugar explains why and gives tips on how to maximize your LinkedIn potential.

3 Creative Ways to Uncover Local Job Openings (Christian Personal Finance)
Let’s face it, if you want to find a job in this economy, you may have to get creative. There are more things you can do than just apply for openings online and Christian Personal Finance discusses some of them here.

Find Your Dream Job (Life and My Finances)
Are you struggling to discover what kind of job you want? When it comes to finding a dream job, there are a lot more factors that come into play than just finding your passion. If you need help narrowing the fields down (or if you have an offer but aren’t sure it’s for you) then you can’t miss this blogpost by Life and My Finances.

Class of 2012: Finding a Job (
Cap and gown. Check. Degree. Check. Now what? lays out the law on what you need to be doing now that you’re getting ready to pound the pavement and look for your first job.

Mistakes New Graduates Should Avoid When Applying For Jobs (DollarVersity)
If you’re a new graduate then you probably don’t have much experience in searching for jobs. Luckily, DollarVersity spells out common mistakes people make when applying for jobs to help make sure you don’t do the same thing.

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How to Survive Unemployment (Give Me Back My Five Bucks)
Unemployment, whether as a new college graduate or after being in the workforce for some time, is a very difficult phase to go through. Give Me Back My Five Bucks has been through it and shares advice on how to survive unemployment and end up on top.

Recovering From a Bad Job Interview (Fiscal Phoenix)
So you’ve had a less than perfect job interview. Believe it or not, this happens to everyone! Even though you’re not feeling great, Fiscal Phoenix talks about how to turn it into a learning opportunity and move forward.

How to Discuss Salary During a Job Interview (One Money Design)
What if you get that job interview and the salary discussions begin? Do you know how to handle them? Better check out this blogpost by One Money Design to make sure you’re prepared!

6 Things to Know When Starting a New Job (Broke Professionals)
So you got the job, congrats! Broke Professionals tells you what to do when starting that new job to make sure you hit the ground running.

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