How Jennifer Paid Off $37,000 Of Debt

ReadyForZero Success Profile: Jennifer

Jennifer is a small business owner who paid off more than $37,000 in debt using ReadyForZero. This is a summary of her story.

The Problem

Jennifer’s first experience with debt began when she was just leaving high school. She got her first credit card back in 1998 and used it to buy a Gateway computer.

In Jennifer’s words, “I pretty much just kept some kind of revolving credit card debt the whole time – and then I also had a car payment, a medical credit card, and some student loans.”

The Solution

Jennifer kept trying to pay off her debt. And yet, she found that after awhile her progress and determination would trail off.

That’s around the time she found ReadyForZero. She found the process of creating a plan with ReadyForZero easy and liked the simplicity. “I moved the little slider around and I was like, ‘Okay, if I put $2,500 on my debt then this is what will happen, or if I put $200 then this is what will happen. It was kind of fun to look at.’” After that, Jennifer’s commitment to stick with her plan was rock solid.

Visually seeing her plan made all the difference for Jennifer. “What I liked about ReadyForZero is that it would send me little reminders and it e-mailed me and it showed me my progress in the charts and graphs – I really love charts and graphs because they kind of put things in perspective for me,” she says. Over the next 12 months Jennifer worked really hard and paid off $37,000 of debt!

What’s Next

“What I really wanted was I wanted freedom – to travel and to be able to grow my business in the way I want to.” As long as the debt hung around, she couldn’t take risks with her business or travel as much as she wanted to. Jennifer used the power of her goals and dreams to stay motivated.

Now that the debt is no longer a concern, her goals are within reach. She’s hiring another employee for her business and she plans to make another trip to South America soon. It’s just one more example of a dream that is now easier to accomplish without debt!

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  • Lisa Kovac

    Congratulations, Jennifer, that is fantastic! Two thumbs up for you! Woot! Woot! 😉

  • Richard Hung

    That was a Gateway all right – a gateway to debt. I’m beginning to think there’s a conspiracy NOT to teach high school kids about debt, because it’s better for the economy if they enslave themselves to it as soon as they’re responsible for their own acts – 18. Parents are no help either, since they’re mired as well.

    OTOH as a stockholder I’m all for other people consuming and running up debt. Their spending (and my sensible frugality) will make me rich.

    • Interesting perspective, Richard. Thanks for your comment! Hopefully more and more people will learn to avoid debt even when they’re young.

  • stephen28273

    she gives credit “ready for zero”, but ultimately she has the desire to payoff the debt. else, nothing will help.

  • Jon Bellemore

    She paid off $37,000 in 12 months? Must be nice to have that kind of disposable income. What did she need RFZ for?