Happy Birthday, ReadyForZero!

Today we’re celebrating the 1-year anniversary of the public launch of ReadyForZero:

We’ve been amazed and humbled by all the support we’ve gotten throughout the last year, especially from our users who are now regularly sharing their successes publicly. More than anything, we’re grateful to have this opportunity to reshape the way people control and reduce debt. Debt remains one of the foremost problems in people’s lives, and we won’t stop until we’ve figured out how to help everyone who’s struggling to pay off their credit cards, student loans, mortgages, or any other debt.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come. Here are a few of the highlights from the first year:

  • We’re now helping people manage over $170 million of debt
  • Our users have paid down $7.5 million in debt already, using ReadyForZero
  • In October, we launched a new, sexier version of ReadyForZero that supports other debt types (not just credit cards)
  • Users like James, Tiffany, and Colin, have stepped up and shared how they paid off their debts with ReadyForZero

If you had asked us on February 2, 2011, where we’d be in one year, I’m not sure we could have told you. It’s been a whirlwind since then, as we’ve grown our team, moved offices (several times), gotten noticed by the press, and through it all stayed focused on our mantra: build something people need.

And you better believe we’re not done yet. We will be particularly focused on our key partnerships and making our ReadyForZero software even more useful for you.

We’ve got a lot more planned for this coming year, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you. In the meantime, take a quick look at the evolution of our landing page and product over the course of this last year…


An early version of the ReadyForZero landing page

A view from inside our early product


Our beautiful new homepage

The view from inside the latest version of ReadyForZero (sign up!)

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  • Happy Birthday guys… thanks for the site and helping pay off over $13K 🙂

    • Ignacio Thayer

      Thanks Chuck! You’re welcome, glad we could help.

    • Thanks Chuck! Happy to help..and even happier that you won’t be needing us for very long!

  • One year?  Seriously?!  I signed up on 2/3/11… I had no idea I was so cutting edge!  🙂

    • Yep, you were definitely ahead of the curve on that one 😉 How’s your progress been so far? Please let us know if you have any suggestions for us, we love getting feedback from actual users.

  • Jenna

    Congrats on a great first year!