Our Recent Guest Posts (Daily Muse, Money Smart Life, Credit.com)

We’ve been building relationships with some other great personal finance sites by writing guest posts and inviting other bloggers to write for us. And recently we’ve had several new posts get published at some pretty awesome sites, so we thought it would be nice to highlight them in the hopes that more people will enjoy them:

Is Student Loan Debt Stifling the Economy? (Credit.com)

Student loan debt is causing serious problems for the economy in several ways. When people are worried about paying their student loan bills, they’re not able to make other kinds of investments that have traditionally sparked our economy — such as buying a home, purchasing retail goods, and even investing. Read more

5 Financial Goals Every 20-Something Should Have (Daily Muse)

If you’re like many, your finances might be in want of a little more attention than you’re giving them. At this stage in life, it can be easy to push off thinking about money until later, or to spend your (limited) extra cash on things you want now rather than on longer-term investments like retirement. But to set yourself up for success in the future, there are a few financial goals you really should start today. Read more

Chip Away At Your Debt in Minutes a Day (Money Smart Life)

While you can you slip into debt a little at a time, you can also escape from the burden of debt by taking small regular actions. By starting to make small changes in the way you approach your finances now, you could soon starting paying off your debt and someday acheive debt freedom. Read more

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