Free Financial Counseling for Veterans

Military familyAs we approach Veterans Day, it’s important to think about the sacrifices so many have made in order to serve our country. And we should remember that some of those sacrifices are less visible than others. A 2009 study by the FINRA Foundation found that 41% of military families have at least $5,000 of credit card debt, and 27% had more than $10,000. Military pay can vary depending on where you live, and sometimes your pay can be decreased dramatically when you are relocated. This all goes to show that we need to acknowledge and address the financial sacrifices that our veterans have made.

Which is why we’re really glad to hear about an initiative that our guest blogger Jason Hull announced today. As a U.S. Army veteran himself, and a financial planner, he has decided to honor Veterans Day by giving a free 2-hour financial counseling session to 50 active duty servicemembers and veterans.

If you are interested in being one of the 50, all you need to do is follow the link above and let Jason know before Veterans Day that you’d like to take him up on his offer.

And even if you’re not a veteran or active duty servicemember, you might know someone who is. If so, be sure to let them know about this opportunity.

Happy Veterans Day! And thank you, Jason, for taking the initiative to do this.

Image credit: The U.S. Army

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