Discover the Science Behind New Year’s Resolutions

Earlier today we announced the ReadyForZero New Year’s Challenge, to help you stick with your money-related resolutions this year. The Challenge is built upon some pretty solid research showing what actually works when it comes to accomplishing goals.

After combing through that research, we wrote an article for Lifehacker that briefly explains the key findings and how you can use them to be successful with your own resolution in 2012.

The article gives you four rules to make sure your resolutions are achievable. I’ll give you a hint, the first one is:  don’t keep too many resolutions at once. To find out the rest, you’ll have to go read the article!

We’re not done writing about these topics, so keep checking back here over the next few weeks for more insights about the New Year’s Challenge, your resolutions, and how to get out of debt in 2012.

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