Join the Debt Destroyers (And Friends) Super League

Debt Destroyers Super League

You too can become a superhero!

Ever shake your fist at debt? Wish you had a better way to fight against it? And not only fight it but be alongside a team of like-minded friends and supporters who were just as focused on similar financial goals as you?

So did we.

In fact, we were sitting here in the office one day and got to talking about how helpful accountability is when we work to pay off our debt. So we started thinking… “What if we create a monthly progress update for everyone who is working toward a goal like becoming debt free? The key would be that ANYONE could participate and we’d all support and encourage each other.”

And then we thought, “Hey, that’s a great idea — let’s do it!”

Which brings us to today’s post. We’re announcing the Debt Destroyers Super League. And we want you to join us. This monthly blog post will be a place for us all to get some public accountability, and to be inspired and encouraged by fellow debt fighters.

And now you can get it by joining us. We’ll all be in this together, working on our goals and updating our progress each month — for the world to see. To join, just email claire [at] and include the following:

Your Name / About You:  (you can use an alias if you wish to stay anonymous)

Your Goal:  (the underlying reason for your goal — something that is really important to you, like having financial freedom, getting an education, providing for your family, etc.)

Your Challenge:  (this should be something that can be tracked monthly, like “pay off my credit card debt” or “stop spending money on clothes” or “save up $12,000 for my wedding” or anything else like that)

You can also participate by tweeting or instagramming your progress with the #debtdestroyers. We’ll be updating via social media with our own micro-progress reports and pics so keep checking in. Let’s do this!

This Month’s Progress Updates:

MaloriName: Malori Fuchs
About Me: I’m 26 years old and live in Frisco, TX. I work in marketing/sales in downtown Dallas, and I also am a writer/blogger in my free time. (That is my passion!) I am an Army wife to CPT Mark Mayor, who is currently deployed to Afghanistan.
My Goal: Pay off as much student loan debt possible before Mark returns in the spring of 2014, when we will have our church wedding/reception and then move to Arizona.
My Challenge: I am naturally NOT a spender, so saving most of my income every month for paying off debt is not very hard for me. However, in less than a year Mark and I will be moving to a new duty station and I will need a job so I can continue paying off debt. So I need to keep developing my writing and also begin making contacts in Arizona for jobs.
My Progress Update:

Things that were awesome:
July was a VERY unusual month.  My father-in-law Nick had a massive heart attack, which triggered emergency leave from Afghanistan for my husband Mark (and his twin brother Matt, also deployed).  We all traveled to Wisconsin to be with the family for two weeks, which meant me buying a plane ticket for $442 and other travel/food expenses.  However, I was still able to pay extra on my student loans ($1,000) despite those extra expenses.  The other AWESOME news is that Nick is on the mend and recovering well from his triple bypass surgery! [Ed. note: Malori helped set up a website where people can read more about Nick and help out]
Things that were difficult:
Even though I am a natural saver, I would sometimes have the desire to spend more money than I actually needed to….the thought would go through my head “I’m already spending more than usual, a little more wouldn’t hurt!”  But thankfully I didn’t act on that….well okay, I bought a Starbucks grande iced coffee my first day back at work.  I didn’t NEED that.

Benjamin FeldmanName: Benjamin Feldman
About Me: I’m a writer at ReadyForZero. I like basketball, non-spicy food, and connecting with people both online and offline, including all our great ReadyForZero blog readers.
My Goal: Save at least 15% of my money every month so I can build a financial cushion and have a greater sense of financial security.
My Challenge: Stop eating lunch at restaurants and bring it from home instead.
My Progress Update:

Things that were awesome:
Three weeks ago, when we decided to do this challenge, I began trying hard to bring in lunch and so far I’ve been doing pretty well! I only bought lunch twice over the last three weeks. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up in August.


Things that were difficult:
It’s not that I don’t like leftovers or homemade food — on the contrary, I’m more than happy to eat leftovers or anything homemade. The real difficulty for me is the time required to prepare a lunch. But now that I’m working toward my goal of saving more money — and I have the public accountability of these posts — I think I can do it.

NatashaName: Natasha Gaiski
About Me: I’m a blogger at Refuse to Be Broke and Job Search 3.0. I love reading, Indian food, and the color red.
My Goal: Save at least 10 dollars for the future after every paycheck.
My Challenge: Be open to spending more money on items that will cost more, but last longer.
My Progress Update: [Ed. note: Natasha just joined the Debt Destroyers Super League so we asked her to share an update on what she’ll be focusing on next month]

I like to save money, a lot. While this is a great trait to have, I need to learn how to spend items on high-quality items that will last longer in the long run. As I search for some new clothes, I look to balance both my spending budget and my need for professional clothing. Follow me on my journey to buy great items while saving money in the long run.

ClaireName: Claire Murdough
About Me: I’m a Bay Area native recently returned from a year living in/around Beijing. I like chocolate, gummy bears, chocolate covered gummy bears, and of course… writing!
My Goal: Going full force against my student loan debt while also pumping up my emergency fund.
My Challenge: No coffee out, no individual servings (yogurt, granola bars, etc).
My Progress Update:

Things that were awesome:
The office was super supportive of the challenge. Office Manager Bobby spearheaded the french press movement so that I wouldn’t feel left out. And Ben talked me down from a slip-up within the first week. I also saved 60 dollars this month on coffee (yowza) and put it into my emergency fund!
claire coffee
Things that were difficult:
Though I tried to follow the old ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mantra – coffee smells delicious. Also, the moments when I almost slipped up usually involved some process of convincing myself that $2.50 wasn’t thaaaat much money. Tough to say no when it doesn’t feel like a big expense.

profileName: Shannon
About Me: I’m originally from Ohio and new(ish) to the Bay Area from New York. I love reading, writing, volunteering, and football. I have a weakness for coffee and chocolate chip cookies.
My Goal: Stick to a spending plan that my new husband and I can agree on with a focus on saving for retirement and paying off student loans.
My Challenge: Pack my lunch daily and buy no more than one coffee per day.
My Progress Update:

Things that were awesome:
I’m packing my lunch daily and even discovered some new and easy to prepare recipes that I really like. I actually look forward to eating my packed lunch now! I’m also drinking my morning coffee at home to avoid buying more than one a day. I saved $50 which is going straight to my emergency fund.
Things that were difficult:
Lack of sleep had me tempted to buy two coffees a day even after my first morning coffee. I’ve also discovered that I need to avoid my favorite coffee shop because I almost always end up buying one of their homemade – and expensive – chocolate chip cookies. Darn sweet tooth!

ErinName: Erin Lowry
About Me: I founded the blog #Broke Millennial and also co-founded the site In my day job I work in PR for a mid-size agency in Manhattan. When I’m not writing about money, I am trying to plan my next great travel adventure or exploring all New York City has to offer.
My Goal: Learn more about investing and always save 10% of every paycheck.
My Challenge: Plan out meals better so I avoid buying too many groceries and having to throw away bad produce.
My Progress Update:  [Ed. note: stay tuned for Erin’s first update next month!]

And now it’s your turn! Are you ready to join the Debt Destroyers Super League? If so, send us an email at claire [at] and include your name, a brief description of yourself, your goal, and your challenge. We’ll include you in next month’s update.

Also — and this is important — please leave a comment below to encourage us all to stick with our goals. Or if you have tips to help us out, that would be much appreciated too. One of the reasons for doing this is to gain support from the ReadyForZero community. Thanks in advance!

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  • debtfreeoneday

    Great idea! Sharing such goals will help with motivation I’m sure. I will email Claire with my details!

    • Claire Murdough

      Just received your e-mail and we’re all so excited that you’re joining the super league!! The more motivation the better 🙂

  • rivermoon1970

    Love this idea. I think this might be a great motivator for me.

    • Awesome! Looking forward to having you join us. The next update will be published in September!

  • RoxieJeeps

    Can we set up a private facebook page for this group? so we can post regularly and cheer each other on?