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Happy Friday, Readers!

Another weekly round-up for Claire’s Corner, and the topic of the week is wealth – or more specifically, the perceptions we have of wealth and money.

We’re all made up of more than numbers – more than the budget we set, or the income we earn. But it’s something that’s not always easy to remember, or appreciate – particularly when dealing with bills, or costs or spreadsheets. Personally, I’ve been caught up in numbers, obsessed with financial planning, distracted by prices to the point of anxiety. The result? Lots of unhappiness, and lots of self-doubt. And that meant less dancing. Clearly something needed to change.


Turning the sun into a Skittle – just a matter of perspective.

Though it took a while, I finally realized that I had allowed money to be the defining factor in my life satisfaction. And more importantly, I realized that it didn’t have to be. I worked to widen my perception of wealth, and consequently ended up with a much healthier financial outlook. Less fear, less guilt and much, much more dancing.

That’s why I’m always happy to run across articles that offer up unique perspectives and opinions on the subject. This last week in particular, I found some truly inspiring reads. As these fine folks articulate, we can and often do benefit from thinking about our relationship with money and the idea of wealth:

To Get Your Finances in Order, You Must Have 1 of 2 Things (L Bee And The Money Tree)
Ever looked at others, and wondered why they seem to know it all when it comes to finances? Sometimes it comes from habit, but much of the time it’s spurred by experience. I can attest that I’ve been inspired by both the ‘things’ featured in this great post.

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I’m Not Rich But Thanks For Asking (Budgets Are Sexy)
A great post highlighting the frequency with which we compare ourselves to others in terms of finances. A perfect reminder that each experience with money and saving is unique.

The Mystical Qualities of Cash (Planting Our Pennies)
Working as a barista in college, I loved gathering my tips at the end of the day. Why? Because it felt like free money! And it was oh so spendable. I’ve learned a lot since then, namely that a $100 paycheck and a $100 bill don’t always feel the same. Planting Our Pennies explores even further!

The Danger Of Making Money Your Top Priority (Young Adult Money)
A thoughtful piece on the danger of setting financial goals that take over the other positive parts of your life. Setting goals is important, but balance is essential!

Changing Your Outlook (The Simple Dollar)
Stuck on how exactly to shift your financial habits, or regroup? It’s never easy to shake up routine, as ‘The Simple Dollar’ highlights, but doing so can help you to find out what works best for you in the long run.

Letting Money Control You (Making Cents of Cents)
Being financially independent is a great thing. But even if you’re not tackling debt, you may be letting money control your actions, your thought process or your general happiness.

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Have a lovely weekend – keep dancing! 

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