Claire’s Corner: Credit Score And Credit Report Edition


Well hello! Happy to be back again with another weekly round-up.

So what am I dancing** about this week? Why, credit reports and credit scores! Just this last week, we launched ReadyForZero PLUS featuring credit monitoring capabilities. Yup, that means an easier and more worry free road to debt free. It’s an addition that we’re all very excited about, and an addition that’s definitely worthy of some happy groovin’!

So in honor of our new credit monitoring feature, I thought I’d round-up some interesting and helpful reads on the topics of credit scores and credit reports. 

Starting out with quite the doozy:

An $18 Million Lesson In Handling Credit Report Errors (New York Times)
Though finding and fixing mistakes may not result in such a grand payoff – it’s absolutely worth checking, re-checking and following up on errors in your credit report.

Could Bad Credit Cost You A Job? (AARP Blog)
Yikes – as if you needed another reason to worry about your credit report, it might also be something to factor into your job hunt! Read more at the AARP blog.

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I Saw My Spouse’s Credit Score And I Freaked Out (
You might know your credit score, but do you ever talk about it with your significant other? Crunching numbers in a relationship is important. But sharing numbers is important too, as highlighted by Shelby Bremer via

8 People Who Can Access Your Credit Report (Bargaineering)
Can you name 8 people who have access to your credit report? Well, you will after checking out Miranda Marquit’s guestpost via post! And you might be surprised at just who can check out your credit.

Don’t Let Debt Collectors Ruin Your Credit (MSN Money)
Just because you have debt in collections doesn’t mean that you don’t retain basic rights. Here are some helpful tips on steps to take when dealing with debt collectors.

And check out all (lots of ’em!) the great places that have mentioned ReadyForZero in the last week!

MSN Money
Paper Blog
Pulse 2.0
Reach Financial Independence
Thirty Six Months

Thanks to all who shared our big news and/or featured our work! If you’re interested to learn even more about your credit score or credit report, check out our Credit Score Resource Center.

Happy weekend!

** Dancing while you read is optional, but if you’re looking for a bit of background music…

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