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You may have noticed that the usual “Shannon’s Shoutouts” post looks a little bit different this week. Most noticeably, I’ve danced my way into the featured photo! That’s because starting today, I’ll be taking over the round-up duties, and compiling awesome reads in the new weekly series: Claire’s Corner Posts will follow the same style, and I’ll be highlighting interesting and informative reads and also showcasing the talents and resources of fellow bloggers. And I must say, I’m pretty excited about it!


This canyon has worked 18493789875340 days without a shark related injury.

So seeing as it’s shark week , I thought I’d skip the sea and head towards the hills. For the first edition of Claire’s Corner, I’m featuring the great outdoors (via your computer screen) with some great articles on the pros of camping and cheap travel.

Not only is camping an affordable way to take one last vacation, it’s customizable and it’s accessible. Spend less on expenses, and more on the enjoyment factor!

But enough from me, let’s get to the reads of the week:

Frugal Travel: Camping (A Week Or A Weekend via Go Gingham)
There’s nothing more incredible than waking up knowing that you’ve saved a few extra bucks at the same time that you’ve pursued a passion. Need proof? Check out this great article sharing personal experience and practical information.

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8 Cheap Camping Trip Tips (MSN Money)
Some great and unique money saving tips for seasoned or beginning campers. Solar panels? Outdoor ambition at it’s finest.

Camping Free or Really Really Cheap (Investopedia)
Know you want to take a trek or set up camp but not sure where to do it? Money saving tips as you begin your hunt for the perfect location.

Great Summer Activity: Camping (Little House In The Valley)
Not quite convinced that tent camping is the fit for you? Camping styles – just like budgeting styles – can vary. Click on to see where you fit in.

How To Plan A Frugal Camping Trip (Money Saving Mom)
It’s one thing to plan a camping trip with your family. It’s another altogether to plan a frugal camping trip with your family. Take some tips from Money Saving Mom to help you plan your trip on a budget.

And don’t forget to check out the great blogs that featured ReadyForZero this last week!

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Ahh, The Starbucks of the Outdoors.

Thanks for stopping by, and a special thanks to all the bloggers out there who continue to contribute such great content.

See you next Friday with a brand new set of reads!

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  • debtfreeoneday

    Camping can be a great break away from home and it really is so cheap to do. The hubby and I don’t splash out on holidays anymore as we’re paying down our debt, but we do go away camping. It’s great to get some fresh air and spend time with family and friends without it breaking the bank!

    • Claire Murdough

      Hi debtfreeoneday!

      You’re right – it’s so refreshing to head outdoors for a break! In some ways, I find it to be even more relaxing than the conventional vacation, since thoughts of spending aren’t causing stress of guilt. Think I may just have to take advantage of the lovely weather in the next month…