Claire’s Corner: The ‘Beginning Investor’ Edition


Hello all!

Topic of the week is investing. Nervous? Don’t be. Barring experts in the field, I’d venture to say that ‘investing’ is kind of a fuzzy topic for the majority of us. What do I mean by ‘fuzzy’? Unclear, undefined and confusing. Overwhelming. You know, fuzzy.

Paying off a debt with regularity, or adding to a savings account – those are things that seem to have a fairly clear action/result trajectory. But there’s just something about investing that seems downright scary. Whether it’s the uncertainty or the risk involved, if you’re feeling a little bit iffy about investing one of the first steps in gaining authority over a topic is to first define it. Or in following with my favorite term, de-fuzz it.

As a beginning investor myself, I’m excited to share some recent reads that feature well-organized and helpful info on the basics of investing:

Why Do People Invest In Stocks or Anything Else? – Cash Cow Couple Wondering why you might start investing to begin with? Check out this great post by Jacob of Cash Cow Couple!

The Real Risk Of Investing In The Stock Market – Mom and Dad Money There’s definite risk involved when investing – but understanding your ‘personal risk tolerance’ can help you to lay out the boundaries to your investing plan. Matt from Mom and Dad Money breaks it down in this helpful post.

Active vs. Passive Investing: Which Is Right For You? – Money Zen With thoughtfulness and easy to understand terms, Money Zen looks at two investing techniques and offers tips on how to choose which one might be best for you.

Should Kiplinger’s “Favorite Funds” Be Your Choices? – Favorite isn’t synonymous with best. lays out the Kiplinger’s ‘Favorite Funds’ and looks at the advantages and disadvantages you might encounter should you choose them.

How To Handle Losing Money In The Markets – The Broke And Beautiful Life If you do invest, there’s the possibility that you’ll experience negative returns on your investment. Troy from shares techniques and wisdom on how to handle such a reality via his guest post on The Broke And Beautiful Life.

Before you enjoy the rest of your Friday, check out our guest posts…

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…and the sites mentioning ReadyForZero!

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  • Thanks for sharing my article Claire! This is a great collection of posts. Investing can definitely be intimidating but it can actually be done extremely effectively without a lot of effort.

    • Claire Murdough

      Hi Matt,

      You brought up such honest and practical points in your article – glad to be sharing it with others!


  • Thanks for sharing Claire! It’s definitely important to “de-fuzz” stocks for those who are hesitant- they’re the best tool for building wealth.

    • Claire Murdough

      Very true! And preparing for the range of possibilities is SO important. De-fuzzing, one step at a time 🙂

  • Cash Cow Couple

    Thanks so much for sharing! Good collection here.

    • Claire Murdough

      Loved your post – happy to share it!

  • Kali @ Common Sense Millennial

    This is a great list of informative posts! Thanks for sharing – I feel pretty confident about my investments, but I always like reading up on what others have to say. It’s interesting to see different viewpoints (and it always feels good to find folks that share the same philosophies, of course!)

    • Claire Murdough

      Thanks for the comment Kali!

      Agreed – perspective is such so valuable when learning a new skill or pursuing expertise on a subject.

      I also just checked out your blog – you’ve got some really interesting and informative posts! Definitely looking forward to reading more!