Get Your Mind Right: How to Change Your Mindset to Reach Financial Prosperity


When it comes to personal finance, it’s helpful to be able to construct a budget, understand why you should “pay yourself first,” be able to apply simple tenets of investing, and know which savings vehicle is best for your particular situation.

But while these money management basics are necessary for building your foundation, they won’t lead to financial prosperity. After all, just knowing the facts doesn’t mean we act, it simply informs us of how we should be acting.

So what is the usual culprit for staying stuck financially when logically we know what steps we should be taking to improve our situation? Our mindset. After all, you can’t be living in a place of prosperity and abundance when you’re mind is constantly stewing in a place of negativity and lack.

Here are a few tips for putting your mind on the right path to reach financial prosperity.

Discover Your Money Emotion

Emotion and money go hand in hand. Sometimes we tie a specific emotion to money because of how we grew up, sometimes it is simply reflective of where we currently are in our lives. Either way, that emotion is at the very core of how we think about money and act with money.

If money creates stress and anxiety, avoidance will most certainly keep financial prosperity at a distance. If money feels empowering, sound decision-making and positive thinking will make way for financial prosperity.

Negative emotions towards money create blocks we might not even know exist. Knowing how money makes you feel is a good indicator of whether you are open to financial prosperity or inadvertently pushing it away.

Figure Out What Money Situations Make You Comfortable or Uncomfortable

On the surface it might seem like living in a state of financial prosperity would be the most comfortable place to be. You would have all that you physically need and you’d be free from the money stress that makes so many areas of life a challenge.

But that’s not necessarily the case for everyone.

Think about it – does the idea of having an over-abundance of money make you uncomfortable? Maybe you are afraid that others will label you as selfish or greedy if you experience financial success. Maybe there’s a stigma in your family of making more than one another. Or, maybe you are afraid your ideals clash with the money pursuit.

If these messages are playing in the background of your mind, you are likely making decisions that contradict the kind of financial success you may say you want. It’s all about security – do you believe that your life and relationships will somehow be less secure if you have more? Explore that thought.

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Practice Gratitude and Celebrate Others Successes

Financial prosperity is the polar opposite of lack. Therefore, you cannot achieve financial prosperity if you are stuck in a hamster wheel of thinking about all the things that your life lacks. One does not breed the other.

Plant the seed of prosperity with thoughts of gratitude – no matter how small. Once you are able to recognize the good in what you have, you are in a mindset of bringing more good into your life.

If envy of another’s financial success is blocking you from seeing the abundance in your own life, reframe that thought – “I am grateful that kind of success is even in the realm of possibility and I have someone to look to who has forged that path before me.

In the beginning, it may seem like you are tricking yourself. That’s fine. Gratitude starts as a thought and turns into a feeling – keep pushing until you reach the feeling stage.

Think Bigger and Utilize Visualization

What is it you really want in your financial life?

Most people know they want more, but they have no words or pictures to describe what that looks like for them. Do you want more income in order to pursue a passion? Great. So then how much more income would you need? How would you go about pursuing that passion? How much would it cost?

Without specifics and visuals floating around in your mind, you are a boat without an oar in the middle of the ocean with no wind.

Good luck getting anywhere.

Action is spurred by having a direction – a direction you can be excited about going, one that you have a pretty clear picture of what it will look like once you get there.

Think big. Big enough to get you to want to act because you know you’d be just giddy if that thought became your reality.

Final Thoughts

Knowledge may be power, but knowledge doesn’t always spur action.

Once you know the logistics of creating the financial life you want, it’s essential to get your mind in sync with the idea of financial prosperity. From there it’s all smooth sailing.

Image Credit: Mitchell Joyce

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  • Natalie @ Financegirl

    Reading “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Ecker does wonders for this topic – he breaks down the dos and don’ts of being rich minded. I’m rereading it because it helped so much.

    • Interesting! I had not heard of this book before, so I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.