Success Stories

We’ve been lucky enough to talk to many of our ReadyForZero users who have been successful in paying off their debt. Below, you can read their stories and learn the lessons they used to complete their financial journeys. Use their stories to inspire you and soon you’ll be making progress toward becoming debt free too.

ReadyForZero Video Shoot: Meeting Our Users In Person

Only two months after deciding to do a video shoot for some of our past success profile users, Nick, Marc, and Jenn were walking into our office and greeting us with big smiles. It was so nice to see them in person! After catching up with them and hearing about their latest experiences, it was time to get down to the task at hand: putting their stories on video.

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The 27-Year Old Entrepreneur Who Paid Off $6,500 in Credit Card Debt

How many of us would like to have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world? Probably most of us. The idea of kicking back on a beach in Honolulu while conducting a business call or setting up your laptop at a cozy little cafe in Madrid is pretty appealing. But to most of us, it’s an unrealistic goal. However, for Marc Aarons, the subject of our latest success profile, it’s a goal that feels very real.

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Success Profile: The World-Traveler Who Destroyed $37,000 in Debt

ReadyForZero Success Profile: Jennifer

What’s your dream? That question is never far from our minds here at ReadyForZero, because it is so central to what we’re trying to do. We want to help you reach a state of financial freedom so you can do exactly what you want to do – whatever it is! That’s why we were so excited to talk to Jennifer recently about her success paying off her debt. She needed to reduce those credit card account balances in order to make her own dreams a reality: to grow her small business and to continue traveling the world.

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How One New York Man Beat the Odds and Paid Off $11,000 of Student Loans

Nick - Get Out of Debt Success Profile

One of the most striking trends we’ve been noticing is that young people today are facing an unfortunate cocktail of economic factors (debt, recession, underemployment) that have clouded the traditional path to prosperity. And that explains why we were recently so excited to hear from Nick, who has been using ReadyForZero to pay off his credit card debt and student loans. He’s already paid off more than $16,000!

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The Minnesota Music Fan Who Paid Off $4,000 of Debt in 4 Months


It’s so much fun helping people get out of debt in the age of social media because it means we’re able to connect easily with people all across the country who are having success paying off their accounts using ReadyForZero. A couple weeks ago we got one of those kinds of Tweets that makes us want to jump out of our seats and do a victory dance… Once we saw this Tweet, our fingers were itching to pick up the phone and give Chad a call.

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