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4 Ways I Brought Balance to My Budget

This is a guest post by Holly, a writer and longtime reader of the ReadyForZero Blog. Below she shares 4 ways she has brought balance to her budget (and you can too). 1. Beware the monthly charges (“Oh my,” says George Takei) — The other day I sat down and decided to take a good hard look at our finances…

Reader Perspective Series

Why Living At Home After Graduation Is NOT a Cop-Out

This is a guest post by Natasha, who writes at Refuse To Be Broke. Like millions of others in America, I graduated from college within the last five years. Since graduating in December 2012, I have read a lot of articles about Millennials and found that many times the authors have a negative tone. Sometimes, these articles are very irritating…

Reader Perspective Series

Know Your Limits: Why You Should Calculate Your Own Personal Debt Ceiling

This is a guest post by Janine, the creator of My Pennies, My Thoughts. The debt ceiling in the United States was implemented as a mechanism to limit the amount of national debt that was issued, and since its inception the limit keeps getting increased. Also, since 2001, U.S. government expenditures have outpaced revenues, and interest on the national debt is an…

Reader Perspective Series

The Case for Budgeting: Keeping Your Financial House in Order

This is a guest post by Erin Lowry of Broke Millennial and MagnifyMoney. Budgets are about as fun as sitting on a Greyhound bus for 12 hours while your seat mate takes his shoes off and then eats hard boiled eggs and tuna salad. Yet, budgeting is the only way to ensure you are either successfully climbing out of debt…

Reader Perspective Series

How One Woman Stood Up To Her Numbers and Got Past The Guilt of Debt

Getting past guilt to get out of debt

This is a guest post by Christina Brannan. Everyone who has made the decision to pay off all of their debt has experienced that moment at the very beginning when you actually come to terms with the total balance of everything you owe. Prior to this moment, we generally all have some sort of estimated number that we think is…

Reader Perspective Series

Jen’s Story: Slashing Debt with ReadyForZero


This is a guest post by Jen Wu. Intro Hello, ReadyForZero Blog readers! I’m glad you’re here on this online community. I have been a timid reader of this blog for a little over a year, and have found great knowledge and – dare I say – financial success, with the content here. I am a big ReadyForZero fan and…