There are few things more powerful for your finances than having a budget and sticking to it every month. It’s not always easy, but with the right steps you can make your budget work well for you. Your budget will get you on track to pay off debt and build wealth. The blog posts below are packed full of tips to help you create a budget and start saving money now.

7 Money Skills Your Kids Have But You Don’t

The author of this post is Charles Tran Parents are teachers without lesson plans and chalkboards. We school our children in the way of the world from the moment they wake up in the morning to the moment we kiss them goodnight. Our days are filled with showing them lessons in responsibility – tie your shoes, don’t forget your homework,…

Couponing Tips for Non-couponers

The word “couponing” tends to incite drastic opinions. Most people are either in favor of it (who can live without couponing!) or very much against it (who has time for that?). If you find yourself veering towards the latter, check out some of the tips below. We’re talking about finding a way to turn couponing into a smart money saving…

When Your DIY Project Isn’t Worth It (and When It Is)

Do-it-yourself projects are taking over the internet. Seriously. If you’ve ever ventured into the depths of Pinterest and taken note of the DIY projects that inspire you, “pinning” them until you’re 500 projects deep, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s a rabbit hole that’s creatively inspiring, intimidating, and potentially costly.

Topics We’re Talking About: Traveling On a Budget

This one’s for the wanderers out there! Actually, this one’s for anyone who dreams of traveling near or far without feeling guilty about the bill. Because honestly, what’s better than packing your suitcase and stretching your traveling legs? Doing it for a fraction of the cost, of course.

When It Doesn’t Make Financial Sense to Go Green

Wanting to do a little more for the environment and looking for ways to live a “greener” life? I’m the first person in line to tell you how awesome that is. Every little bit can help! But before you jump right in, I’m also the curmudgeon that’s here to say that not all good eco-intentions are created equally. Making environmentally…

3 Keys to a Successful Budget

This is a guest post by Kali Hawlk Have you tried to get your finances straightened out with a budget, but found that you’ve failed each time you’ve tried? Don’t despair! Setting a realistic budget that you can stick to for months, even years, isn’t a simple task (though it is well worth taking the time and effort to keep trying)….

Why Young People Should Not Buy Brand New Cars

I know, I know. New car smell is compelling! And I certainly won’t deny the appeal of a brand new hatchback to shuttle you about in life. But despite all the intrigue, the aesthetic of a new car alone isn’t always worth the financial repercussions.

7 Signs You’re Addicted to Shopping

This is a guest post by Andrea Woroch. Do you ever feel guilt or remorse after shopping? Do you have dozens of brand new but unused items laying around your home? While it’s easy to make light of our own compulsive habits, it’s also a way to ignore signs of a larger problem. In this case, shopping can be an…

How to Pay Off Your Macy’s (Or Department Store) Credit Card

Were you enticed by a department store credit card discount offer? These types of offers are extremely popular because department store credit cards are notoriously easier to get than any other type—allowing you to start building up your credit score—and also because you get an immediate discount on the purchase you are about to make should you get approved (instant…