Managing finances as a couple can be hard — very hard. Sometimes your goals don’t line up or you have disagreements on how to reach mutual goals. But with a plan and a commitment to working together, any couple can be successful with their finances and achieve long-term stability. The information below will help you learn how to manage your finances better together.

3 Financial Mistakes We Made As New Parents

Being a new parent provides a lot of excitement. You are filled with hope for the new little one and want to provide the kind of life they’ll need to succeed as an adult. We often hear that it takes at least $250,000 to raise a child, I don’t believe that’s the case. Rather, it can be done more reasonably….

5 Ways to Pay for a Wedding With Little Money

If you’ve gotten married or attended a wedding recently, you know they can be expensive. The average wedding costs, as of 2014, just over $31,000 and that doesn’t even to begin to touch the cost of a honeymoon! In a perfect world, you would’ve budgeted for your wedding but in many instances that is simply not the case. It is…

Why It Doesn’t Cost $250,000 to Raise A Child

As a parent to three little ones, I can tell you one thing – they can be expensive! Not really earth-shattering, I know, but there is always something they seem to need. As a parent, I want the best for my children. What parent worth their salt doesn’t want that? However, when I hear that it costs nearly $250,000 to…

5 Benefits to Combining Finances with Your Significant Other 

About 6 months ago my then girlfriend (now fiancé) and I bought a house together. Realizing this was a major financial decision we also decided to combine our finances. While we had been pretty open about money with each other up to that point, actually sitting down and going over all of our expenses was a different level of openness….

How to Navigate Tough Money Conversations in a Relationship

Do a quick search of the most common things couples fight about and it becomes glaringly obvious what the answer is: money. Yes, there are plenty of other things to squabble over, but several studies have landed on money and finances as the common thread that binds most couples together – or, in this case, tears them apart. Money is…

If You’re Buying a House, Please Don’t Get Married

The news is everywhere. The spring home sale has begun and both buyers and sellers are highly active. Home sales are surging to the fastest pace in the last 18 months. According the Realtor Mag, existing home sales rose 6.1% in March month-over-month. After a quiet start to the year, sales activities picked up greatly throughout the country in March….

Lessons I Learned from a Financially Dysfunctional Relationship

A study published a few years ago by a Kansas State University researcher found that having money fights early on in a relationship is the top indicator that a couple would be headed for divorce court down the road. While I have never been married, I can say that a past relationship entrenched in financial dysfunction makes me more than…

It’s Time to Get Realistic About Marriage and Money

When I was single in New York, my roommates and I would sometimes fantasize about our future weddings. Mine would take place on a beach, I said. I’d walk down the aisle to a steel drum band playing Canon in D and we’d have hot dogs over a bonfire for dinner with roasted marshmallows for dessert instead of cake. “That’s…

How to Overcome Relationships That Are Hurting Your Finances

A few days ago, after receiving an indication from a credit card company that I may have a black mark on my credit, I pulled my report. After ensuring that all the accounts were in fact issued by me, I found what they were referring to – a closed credit card account, since paid off, that was reporting two embarrassingly…