Auto Loans

Do you have a car loan or other auto loan? If so, you’re not alone. For so many people, their car loan takes up a significant portion of their monthly budget. But that’s no reason to be discouraged. Below, you’ll find blog posts about how to pay off your auto loan faster, what to do if you can’t pay, how to understand your loan terms, and how to refinance or lower your auto loan interest rates.

Can You Buy a Car With No Down Payment?

Owning a car is basically a necessity these days. Most of us need it to commute to our jobs, take our kids to school and attend other social activities. But what happens if you need to buy a car right now but don’t have a down payment to put down? The answer is that it can be tricky, but it’s…

Can I Return My Car to the Dealership?

Have you ever been excited to buy a brand new car only to find out that the added taxes, insurance and other fees bumped you well over the “sticker price”? This leads to car owners getting behind on their auto payments and wondering what they can do to get out of the situation. Can you relate? Do you simply want…

How to Pay Off Car Loans Faster

These days owning a vehicle is basically a necessity for getting to work, seeing family and friends, and running errands. But having a car loan attached to your vehicle doesn’t have to be a necessity.

Below are listed some of the best and easiest strategies you can use to pay off your auto loan faster. Read more

How to Reduce the Compounding Stress of Car Ownership

car wheel

Cars – could anything be more imperative to the functioning of our daily lives…and yet so capable of derailing them? A few weeks ago, my parents’ car wouldn’t start – in the middle of an ice storm. They got it towed and my dad took a few days off of work to deal with mechanics, insurance companies, and car dealerships….

How to Pay Off a Car Title Loan

Ever heard of a car title loan? Over the last few years the public has learned about all kinds of financial products – from subprime mortgages to home equity loans to payday loans – that have the potential to drag someone’s finances down if they’re not careful. However, there’s one type of loan that hasn’t been publicized much and it’s…

Beware of Used Car Loans that Could Double Your Interest

Are you looking to buy a new car? Looking to save a bit of money on your purchase? Your desire to save money would often lead you to choose a cheaper used car over a brand new one. But while the price of the used car may be lower, used vehicle loans aren’t always coming with cheap terms anymore. In…

How Much Does One Late Car Loan Payment Hurt Your Credit Score?

What’s the impact of one late car loan payment? Well, it can be significant. Because payment history is the most important factor influencing your credit score, a late or missed payment on any kind of debt can change your score for the worse. This is especially true for larger payments, and for installment loans. In many cases, your car loan…

How Does Car Loan Interest Work?

Whenever you borrow, you have to pay for that privilege. And as you no doubt know, the way you pay is with interest. Car loans, like other types of credit, come with interest payments. But there are some different differences between car loan interest versus other types of interest – such as mortgages, credit cards, student loans, etc. Below I’ll…