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Shannon, Community and Customer Support Manager at ReadyForZero. Shannon McNay is a transplanted Midwesterner living and writing in San Francisco. She enjoys writing about personal finance and many other topics while helping ReadyForZero users pay of their debt.

Minimalism: Fad or Solid Debt Payoff Tool?


When I moved from my hometown in Ohio to New York City, I became sort of an accidental minimalist. By no means did I believe I had too many things in Ohio, but there was no way to transport it all to the tiny half bedroom that was my first place in New York. I still remember separating everything I…

9 Money Mistakes I’ll Never Make Again

Money mistakes ill never make again

I make mistakes. A lot. I always have the best of intentions – but we all know where that can lead… When I realize I’ve made a mistake, the only way I can even remotely make myself feel better is to learn from the situation. I want to figure out exactly what I have to do to make sure I…

Can I Consolidate Credit Card Debt?

Credit card debt is a sneaky beast. Whether it comes on in a flash of lightening or creeps up like a long winter snowstorm, the havoc it wreaks can feel like a tornado has ripped through your life. What’s worse, it’s painfully easy to feel as though you’re stuck. That you have absolutely zero options. That you may pay forever…

What Is the Best Way to Consolidate Credit Cards?

We’ve been talking a lot about debt consolidation around here lately…and for good reason. Done right, debt consolidation can be just the tool you need to mobilize the best possible debt payoff plan. This is especially true with high interest rate credit cards that make gaining any progress very difficult if you don’t find a way to lower your rate….

Should I Consolidate My Credit Cards?

What is it about credit card debt that makes it so much worse than other types of debt? I mean, all debt has moments of being tough to deal with…but none quite like the feelings that credit card debt can bring on. Besides being expensive (and often coming with unnecessary feelings of shame), credit card debt can be so darn…