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What Happened in Internet Security this Week, Our Response, and What You Should Do

ReadyForZero joined nearly every major website and service provider this week in responding to the vulnerability discovered on April 7th known as Heartbleed. In short, this vulnerability opened up the possibility of a technical attacker being able to view encrypted traffic to an affected website, which could include your username and password or other sensitive information. If you’re interested in…

Bank of America lowered my credit limit: A user story (share yours!)

Privatized scan of Bank of America credit limit reduction letterBank of America credit limit reduction letter

For the past few months, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with a loyal group of beta users on Getting out of debt is not something that happens overnight, so it’s been important for us to be able to help people through the process over time (it’s also been very rewarding). One of our users (let’s call her Lindsay1)…

Why We Started A Company to Help People Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Guess which MLB team has the highest debt? Hint: it's not the Giants.

Note: This was cross posted on the 500 Startups Blog. Special thank you to Christine Tsai for reviewing this post. We’re technical guys. We left infrastructure startups and big search companies to accept an invitation to join Y Combinator in the spring of 2010. We were a technical team that thought we’d take on a technical problem. Less than 6…

America is ready to be debt free

You probably already know that keeping a balance on your cards can hurt your credit score, it can cost you thousands of dollars in interest, and it can stress you out. Maybe you’ve reached the point where you feel like your debt is attacking you and you want that debt dead. But did you know that more and more Americans…