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Claire, Content Intern at ReadyForZero. Claire is a Bay Area native with an affinity for travel and food who enjoys writing about personal finance, budgeting, and many other topics.

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What To Do When Your Financial Ideas Burn Out

Every so often we face a mental impasse that seems impossible to overcome. You’re chugging along just fine and all of a sudden your brain decides, “Optimism, thou shall not pass.” It’s a quick, hard brake on momentum and it can be incredibly frustrating. So what happens when you run out of steam for your financial goals? It’s rough, to…

Checking In With The Debt Destroyers!

It’s that time again! We’re checking in with our Debt Destroyers to see what challenges they faced and what inspiring steps they’ve made towards their financial goals. It’s hard to believe that we’re already 4 months into 2014! And as usually becomes obvious with any progression of time, it’s either full speed ahead with our financial goals or running out…

Tired of Student Loan Debt? Get Rid of It

We’re tired of hearing about it. We’re tired of thinking about it. And we’re certainly tired of paying it. What’s this “it”? Student loan debt. Yeah. I know… I want to take it off the roster of topics too. But regardless of the over-saturation of student loan debt (or maybe because if it) it’s a problem that’s going to stick…

10 Cheap/Free Things for Book Lovers

Hi there book lovers! Or friends of book lovers. Or friends of public libraries. You already know that you love books and all stuff literary. But you know you would love it even MORE if these things were free or cheap (unless you’re an author or publisher…you probably like a paycheck). Luckily, book-related freebies and events have always been a…

When Your DIY Project Isn’t Worth It (and When It Is)

Do-it-yourself projects are taking over the internet. Seriously. If you’ve ever ventured into the depths of Pinterest and taken note of the DIY projects that inspire you, “pinning” them until you’re 500 projects deep, then you know what I’m talking about. It’s a rabbit hole that’s creatively inspiring, intimidating, and potentially costly.

Topics We’re Talking About: Traveling On a Budget

This one’s for the wanderers out there! Actually, this one’s for anyone who dreams of traveling near or far without feeling guilty about the bill. Because honestly, what’s better than packing your suitcase and stretching your traveling legs? Doing it for a fraction of the cost, of course.

Can Different Money Attitudes Work in a Relationship?

This is a guest post by Jordann Brown. When you’re in a relationship, at some point you’ll need to compromise with your partner’s needs and wants. You’ll compromise on which restaurant to visit, on what to watch on Netflix, and on where to go for vacation. You’ll probably even compromise on some of your major life decisions, but what about…

When It Doesn’t Make Financial Sense to Go Green

Wanting to do a little more for the environment and looking for ways to live a “greener” life? I’m the first person in line to tell you how awesome that is. Every little bit can help! But before you jump right in, I’m also the curmudgeon that’s here to say that not all good eco-intentions are created equally. Making environmentally…

3 Keys to a Successful Budget

This is a guest post by Kali Hawlk Have you tried to get your finances straightened out with a budget, but found that you’ve failed each time you’ve tried? Don’t despair! Setting a realistic budget that you can stick to for months, even years, isn’t a simple task (though it is well worth taking the time and effort to keep trying)….