How Americans Spend their Paychecks

Ever wonder how much the average American spends fueling up their car?  Wonder no more.  According to a cool infographic (see below) that uses data from the Department of Labor to show how Americans spend their annual paycheck, we spend on average about $2,000 on gas per year — which equals about 4% of the average income.

For comparison’s sake, the average person spends about $6,372 per year on food, with 5.34% of their paycheck going toward eating out and 7.65% toward eating at home, according to the infographic:

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How Americans spend their paychecks



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  • I find it amazing that we spend more money on transportation than we spend on groceries. Yet people will spend time clipping coupons but not look for more creative ways to get to/from work and play. Looking at your graph, we should focus on both.