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Here at the ReadyForZero blog, people often ask how they can access all our previous posts. And after more than two years of writing about getting out of debt, saving money, and living a better financial life, we realized that we needed to put all our posts together in one place.

So we created this page for people who are just getting started on their journey to financial freedom (or those who are in the middle of it). As you can see below, our very first post was published on August 31, 2010, and we’ve written quite a bit since then. Enjoy!

October 2016

Before You Set Another Financial Goal, Figure Out What YOU Want

May 2016

I Took Out a Higher Interest Rate Loan and I'm So Glad I did

Does Your Credit Card Company Love You?

March 2016

7 Last Minute Things to Get Done Before The Start of Summer

February 2016

Careful: 5 Credit Card Scams to Be Aware Of

Your Current Emotions May Be Affecting Your Money More Than You Think

4 Simple Steps to Take Your Career to the Next Level

January 2016

No More Toys: The Unconventional Birthday Gift I Plan to Give to My Niece

5 Little-Known Ways Your Partner Can Ruin Your Credit

When Should You Get A Secured Credit Card?

Rejected for a Secured Credit Card? Here's What to Do

5 Easy Ways to Wipe Out Credit Card Debt

Why Your 2015 Resolutions Failed and How to Make 2016 A Success

Can Poor Credit Affect My Job Search?

Are You Dreading Your Credit Card Statements This Month?

If You Only Tackle One Financial Goal This Year, Let It Be This One

How to Break the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle

4 Ways Frugality Is A Fool’s Errand

I Just Axed My Final Budget Killer and It Feels Amazing

When Do You Cut The Cord on Your Adult Children?

Good News: Financial Resolutions Might Actually Work

Credit Monitoring: Is It Worth It?

New Years Resolution: Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck (and How to Do It)

Understanding the Psychology Behind Cash and Credit

December 2015

6 Lies About Credit Cards You Actually Believe

3 Money Tasks to Get Your New Year Started Right

9 Auto Loan Financing Tips You Shouldn't Ignore

Why I’m Thankful I Had Credit Card Debt

The One Question I Ask Myself That Helps Me Reduce My Spending

3 Reasons Today is the Day To Start Saving Money (Not Tomorrow)

How to Properly Budget for the Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

9 FREE Apps to Help You Save Money and Make Holiday Shopping Easy

4 Steps in Home Buying: Clarifying the Misconceptions

Getting Fit and What It Taught Me About Reaching Financial Goals

Net Worth: What It Is and Why It Matters

Just Got A Big Raise? Here’s How to Handle Your Extra Money

The 3 Ways We Improved Our Credit Score in Less Than 3 Months

How to Slash Your Credit Costs by 75%

Managing Friendships When You Aren’t on the Same Page with Money

4 Things I Learned from Watching the Financial Struggles of My Parents

The Paradox of Choice: Having Options Could be Negatively Impacting Your Finances

Confession: I Financed My Car (My NEW Car)

November 2015

7 Ways to Turn Your Thanksgiving Leftovers into Hearty Meals

4 Overlooked Ways to Pay Off Debt [Especially #3]

Cash or Card?: Why the Green Stuff Should Still Have a Place in Your Wallet

How to Lend a Hand When You’re on a Tight Budget

The Surprising Benefits of Taking on a Side Gig

What to Do When Bankruptcy Isn’t the Answer

How To Overcome the Stress of Student Loan Debt

Why it’s Foolish to Finance A Once in a Lifetime Event

5 Money Views to Seriously Think About Before Walking Down that Aisle

3 Ways to Use Credit Cards without Racking Up Debt

4 Ways to Save Big Bucks on Your Dream Wedding

Stop the Madness: 4 Reasons to Skip Black Friday

4 Simple Ways to Save Money on Christmas Shopping

How Stores Convince You To Spend More Over the Holidays

5 Things to Consider Before Getting an Engagement Ring

4 Reasons Your Bank Account Isn’t Stacking Up (and How to Fix It)

Why Living on the Edge is No Way to Live

The Financial Literacy Debate: How Your State Stacks Up and How to Fill the Holes

How Bank Loans Differ from Online "Alternative Loans"

EMV Cards and Your Protection: What You Need to Know

October 2015

How to Figure Out How Much Money Should Go Toward Debt Reduction

How to Bounce Back from a Maxed-Out Budget

How to Have a 'Spooktacular' Halloween Celebration on the Cheap

5 Ways to Avoid Debt During the Holidays

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Credit Card Bill?

The One Major Mistake You're Making When Getting Out of Debt

3 Times It’s Okay to Splurge

Introducing a 100% Free Credit Monitoring Tool from ReadyForZero

5 Times I Felt the Most Empowered with My Finances

Money Avoidance: How to Get to the Root of the Problem

How to Build a $1,000 Emergency Savings Account in Six Months

4 Money Saving Tips That Won't Scare Your Wallet on Halloween

Investing for Beginners: 3 Easy Steps to Follow

How to Kill Your Debt Next Year

8 Effortless Ways to Save Money [Literally]

What’s Your Money Personality?

3 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Personal Finance At Home

The Loneliness of Debt and How to Combat It

5 Ways to Avoid Debt This Holiday Season

Can I Pay Off My Student Loans with the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF)?

5 Simple Ways to Invest Like A Rockstar

5 Ways to Live Large On a Pint-Sized Budget

Holiday Travel Prices are Taking Off: Here's How to Save

Credit Scores Galore: Dissecting All the Different Models

How I Set Up a Home Office on a (Tight) Budget

5 Money Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Marriage

Life After Student Loans: 3 Things To Do After You Pay Off Your Debt

Money & Relationships: 5 Things You Should Know About Your Partner

September 2015

How to Regain Your Confidence After Being Buried in Debt

The 4 Worst Things You Can Do While Trying to Get out of Debt

5 Ways to Cruise Through the Holidays On a Budget

Can Comparing Yourself to Your Peers Be Good For Your Financial Health?

In Defense of Saving: Why It’s the Only Way to Really Own Your 20s

10 Bad Financial Habits that Can Ruin Your Future

7 Money Traps to Avoid at the Store

5 Dead Simple Habits that Will Help Your Financial Future for Good

9 Apps to Help You Earn a Little Extra Cash

Do Your Spending Habits Align With Your Values?

4 Lessons You Can Learn from Lottery Tragedies

5 Ways to Ensure Financial Security

5 Reasons Why Financial Advice Should Be Taken With a Grain of Salt

Need Money for Home Repairs? Here’s What to Do

How to Find the Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Dining Efficiency: Ways to Split the Bill

6 Unconventional Money Moves to Make in Your 20s

Turning a Blind Eye: What Happens If You Ignore Your Student Loans

5 Money Savings Habits to Establish as a New College Student

The Frugalwoods: The Way to Living Simply & Being Financially Independent

5 Ways I Made Extra Money to Pay Off Debt Faster

How Much Money do I Need for a Car Down Payment?

Back to School Budgeting: 3 Ways to Save Money as a Poor College Student

Steady Paycheck No More: Things I'm Learning About Money Management

How to Spend Money According to Your Priorities

Here's Why Now's a Good Time to Start Your Holiday Shopping

Why You Should Never Have Just One Savings Account

3 Financial Mistakes We Made As New Parents

How to Find the Best Low Interest Credit Cards

How Often Should You Check Your Credit Report?

3 Steps for Getting Financially Organized

Your Short Term Thinking of Personal Finance is Hurting You

6 Reasons Why Avoiding Credit Is Costing You

5 Reasons Why Your Budget Is Destined to Fail

Fighting Cancer, Depression, and Credit Card Debt- How Valerie Finally Paid off $40,000 of Debt

August 2015

Marriage and Finance: What Couples Need To Know

4 Times Saving Money Can Actually Cost You

Three Times an Emergency Fund Saved Our Finances

How to Find the Best Cash Back Credit Cards

5 Must Have Habits That Will Pave the Way Towards Financial Success

How to Find the Best Travel Credit Cards

Why You Should Call It a Freedom Fund, Not a Savings Account

Follow These 4 Steps to Finally Put Your Money Stress to Rest

Here's Why Investors are Freaking Out Right Now

How to Find the Best Rewards Credit Cards

4 Tips to Furnishing a Dorm Room Without Going Broke

6 Things You Should Always Negotiate Pricing On

How to Find the Best Mortgage Companies to Refinance or Purchase Your Home

12 Surprising Ways You're Sabotaging Your Credit Score (Especially #9)

5 Work at Home Jobs You Want to Avoid (and 7 Legit Alternatives)

Discover’s New Student Credit Card: Another Ploy or Way of Giving Back?

Pay off Debt Quicker By Cutting These 4 Bills

3 Celebrity Debt Scandals and What We Can Learn From Them

3 Ways the Sharing Economy Can Help You Save Big

Mortgage Closings May Soon (Finally) Become Entirely Digital

7 Ways to Fund That Much Needed Vacation

How I Weathered a Brutal Financial Storm (and Saved $1,000)

4 Dead Simple Ways to Cut Back on School Supplies

5 Credit Card Tricks That Actually Made Me Money

How to Get the Best Auto Loan with Little or No Credit

July 2015

10 Of the Most Useful Shopping Hacks That Will Save You Money

The 5 Golden Rules of Getting Out of Debt

Need Money for Your Mortgage Payment? There’s Help Out There‏

6 Things to Tackle Before Purchasing Your First Home

How To Pay For IVF or Fertility Treatment

5 Things to Know When Getting a Loan for a Motorcycle

4 Ways to Get Quick Cash Besides Predatory Personal Loans

5 Ways to Pay for a Wedding With Little Money

Why It Doesn’t Cost $250,000 to Raise A Child

Citibank Gets Hit With $700M Fine for Deceptive Practices

Traveling Internationally? Here Are a Few Ways I Saved Big

How Soon Should I Use A Credit Card After Paying Off Debt?

4 Tricky Pricing Techniques That Are Costing You Money

Three Big Reasons You’re Broke (and What to Do About It!)

The Unexpected Ways Meal Planning Helped My Finances

Money Milestones of a 20-Something

What To Do When You Need Money for Rent

The Top Three Debt Consolidation Loan Companies Online

On This Day: Live Aid Concert Shocked The World

4 Cheap Weekend Projects To Sell Your House

5 Benefits to Combining Finances with Your Significant Other 

What Happens to My Debt When I Die?

4 Money Lessons I Wish I Learned in School

Things You Should Know About Paying Off Debt

Thinking About Being a Co-signer? Here's What You Need to Know

What Happens If I Only Pay The Minimum on My Credit Card?

Now's the Time to Start Investing in Stocks, Here's Why...

On This Day: Enter the AK-47

Calculating a Car Payment, Why Smaller Isn't Always Better

Why You Should Travel Solo This Summer

June 2015

Why Lending Money to Friends is a Horrible Idea

7 Finance Terms That Should be in Every Millennial's Vocabulary

How to Find a Reputable Secured Credit Card to Rebuild Credit

On This Day: American Railroads Become Regulated

5 Ways to Make Extra Money With Little Skill

Check Your Bank Statement, You May Be Paying Unnecessary Fees

New EMV Chip Cards Coming Soon, Here's What You Need To Know

How to Kill Debt Fatigue Once and For All

Tips & Tricks on Buying a Car: How to Win the Car Game

On This Day: The G.I. Bill Transformed America

Tricks and Tips on How to Save Money on Attending Weddings

7 Money Myths That Are Holding You Back Financially

That One Store Credit Card That Almost Messed Up My Credit

9 Simple Ways to Get More Money to Pay Off Debt Today

Healthy Eating on a Budget, Just Follow These Simple Steps

Here's How You Can Motivate Yourself When Feeling Stuck

What I Learned about Money Management on a Commission Only Job

On This Day: The $200K Octagon Coin

Founders Story with Kai from True Link Financial

3 Surefire Ways To Set Up Your Day for Financial Success

How to have Conversations About Money

Pay off Debt or Invest – 3 Reasons Why You Should Do Both

Going on a Road Trip? You’ll Want to Check Out These FREE Apps

5 Credit Card Facts You Didn’t Know About

On This Day: Hamilton and U.S. Debt

Is Boredom Killing Your Budget?

Watch What You Say About Money, It Actually Matters

4 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated From College

5 Life-Changing Financial Lessons I Learned From My Parents

You’re A Deadbeat if You Pay Your Creditors (Seriously)

On This Day: No More Siesta?

May 2015

Founders Story with Professional Poker Player Faraz Jaka

What Does It Mean to Be Financially Successful?

An Amazing and Inspiring Story: How One Guy Lived Off $7,000/year, here's his story

Don't Make These 3 Mistakes As a Homebuyer

Debit or Credit? Here’s Why All the Stores Are Asking…

Here's How Obama's New 'Student Aid Bill of Rights' will Affect You

Do You Have a Fear of Spending? Here's How I Managed It...

I Lost Control of Money During a Break Up, Don't Make The Same Mistakes I did

You Can Start Saving a Lot of Money By Following These Simple Steps

The World's Sexiest Looking Credit Cards

Should I Settle My Credit Card Debts? Caution: It's a Long Road Ahead

Talking About Money With Friends Can Be Difficult, Here's How You Do it

Too busy to cook? Check out these 4 meal planning services.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy a House

How to Navigate Tough Money Conversations in a Relationship

On This Day: Largest Money-Laundering Probe in U.S. History

Here's What to Do When Your Friends Want to Splurge On Fine Dining and You're Broke

7 Ways to Conquer Student Loan Debt

How to Pay off Debt With A Low Income

Yes, Building and Living in a Tiny House is a Real Thing

How I Managed to Quadruple My Savings in Two Years

If You're Buying a House, Please Don't Get Married

I Decorated My Apartment For Under $200, Here's How

On This Day: Armed Robbers Steal $28,000 From the U.S. Army

Founders Story with Greg Goodson of Rafflecopter

Why Intentional Spending is Key to Managing Your Money

A Coffee Addict’s Money Saving Tips

How Paying Myself First Boosted My Wealth

On This Day: Landing the Manhattan Purchase

Founders Story with Art Agrawal of YourMechanic

April 2015

5 Common Investing Excuses Not to Give Into

How To Reinvest Your Tax Refund For the Novice Investor

Lessons I Learned from a Financially Dysfunctional Relationship

On This Day: The U.S. Offers $50,000 to Communist Pilots

Founder's Story with Michael Carvin of SmartAsset

Get Fit Without Spending a Dime

How to Spring Clean Your Budget

Dream Getaways for Under $100/night

Here’s How to Get a Personal Loan with Bad Credit

3 Ways to Finally Bust Out of the Debt Cycle

Weekly Edition of the Best Articles On the Web (4/17/2015)

Founder's Story with Jason Wang of Caviar

Should You Tell Your Kids About Your Debt?

How to Be Broke and Still Have a Fabulous Vacation

On This Day: NationsBank and BankAmerica announced a $62.5 billion merger

Founder's Story with Jeremy Smith of SpotHero

How Low Self-Esteem Could Be Keeping You From Paying Off Your Debt

Money Lessons I Wish I Knew In My Early 20s

How Starting a Fitness Routine Helped Improve My Finances

On This Day: Charlie Chaplin Becomes the Highest Paid Film Star

The Tax Refund Waterfall: Your Step-by-Step Guide on What To do With Your Refund

March 2015

Positive Changes at ReadyForZero

On This Day: The U.S. Purchased Alaska for $7.2 Million Dollars 148 Years Ago

Here's How Online Poker Changed How I View Money

Everything You Need to Know About Debt Settlement

February 2015

3 Reasons Why ReadyForZero is Your Financial Friend

January 2015

How Debt Consolidation Can Jumpstart Your Journey to Financial Stability

3 Emotional Side Effects of Debt and How to Handle Them

5 Reasons To Reevaluate Your New Year’s Financial Resolutions

Does Debt Consolidation Help or Hurt Your Credit?

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Pursuing Debt Consolidation

Top 5 Best (Free) Spreadsheets for Paying Off Debt

7 Debt Repayment Tips from Someone Who’s Been There

December 2014

3 Fast Ways to Compare Student Loans Using Excel

When Should You File Bankruptcy Rather than Pay Off Your Debt?

How to Audit Your Life for Potentially Money-Draining Relationships and Behaviors

How We Got Out of Debt While Beating Cancer

Learning to Think of the Future “You” and His or Her Financial Needs

One Couple, One House, Two Kids, and Almost $40,000 of Debt Paid Off: How One Family’s Hard Work Helped them Reach Success

Minimalism: Fad or Solid Debt Payoff Tool?

How to Shift Your Mindset Toward Saving When You Have a Spending Problem

9 Actions that Can Help You Pay Off Student Loans Faster

How Overdraft Lines of Credit Work

How to Deal with Feeling Unworthy or Unsatisfactory

How I Could Have Paid My $28,000 of Student Loans Off Faster

How to Figure Out the Amount You Can Afford to Pay Toward Debt Each Month

Affordable Winter Vacation Ideas

9 Money Mistakes I’ll Never Make Again

November 2014

How The Long Road to Building Self-Confidence Got (and Kept) Me Out of Debt

Christian Debt Consolidation Reviews

Overcoming the Stigma of Saying "I Can't Afford It"

Can I Consolidate Credit Card Debt?

Defining Financial Values is Crucial - Here's a Template to Help Determine Yours

Topics We're Talking About: Shaking Up Your Money Motivators

What Is a Reason Code? (Hint: It Unlocks the Secrets of Your Credit Score)

Podcasting, Rethinking Expectations, and Expert Tips: Our Best Posts from October

News You Need to Know: How Old Debt Is Coming Back to Haunt Consumers

MoneyBuzz Ep. 004 - Livin’ Large In The City (Or Livin’ Cheap in a Large City)

A Review of Prosper for Borrowers

What NOT to Do If You Get a Debt Consolidation Loan

How Can I Consolidate Credit Card Debt with a Personal Loan?

5 Strategies To Help You Get Back Up When Life Knocks You Down

Topics We're Talking About: Choosing Quality

What Is the Best Way to Consolidate Credit Cards?

Should I Use Peer to Peer Lending To Get Out of Debt?

Non-Profit Debt Consolidation Reviews

Announcing ReadyForZero Insights: The Most In-Depth Look Into Your Debt Yet

Should I Consolidate My Credit Cards?

Does Your Net Worth Matter?

How to Find the Best Student Loan Consolidation Rates

Meet Lisa: The Working Mom Who Flips Houses to Pay Off Debt

Topics We’re Talking About: Pumpkin Is King (or How to Plan For the Holiday Season)

Is Student Loan Consolidation a Good Idea?

You Already Know You Need Discipline To Reach Your Goals - Here's How To Get It

Debt Consolidation vs. Debt Management

MoneyBuzz Ep. 003: The Stolen Computer Incident

How to Refinance Student Loans

What to Do If You're the Financial Black Sheep of the Family

Debt Consolidation vs. Credit Counseling

Why We Decided to Declare November 'Debt Consolidation Month' at ReadyForZero

October 2014

Topics We’re Talking About: Banishing Scary Costs

Best Balance Transfer Cards: Do They Work for Debt Consolidation?

Should You Have a Wedding When You’re In Debt?

Best Student Loan Refinance Companies

17 All-Star Bloggers Share Their Best Fall Budgeting Tips

Debt Consolidation Vs. Balance Transfer Cards: Which Is Best?

4 Reasons Your Childhood Directly Affects How You Deal with Money

Review of SoFi: My Experience Trying Student Loan Consolidation

The Secret To Saving? Share-economy (Plus 4 Other Tips)

Topics We're Talking About: Champions of Financial Literacy

What Are the Best Peer to Peer Lenders?

Talking the Talk: Solutions to Common Money Problems with Jen Hemphill

Straight Talk, Frugality, and Focusing on the Positive: Our Best Posts of September

How I'm Planning to Get Ahead of Graduate School Debt

MoneyBuzz Ep. 002: Tool Time For Your Finances, An Interview With Paula Pant of Afford Anything

Lending Club Vs. Prosper: Which is Best for Debt Consolidation?

How I Rocked My Job Hunt (And How You Can Too)

How Long Does a Delinquency Stay On My Credit Report?

Rate Chasing, Babysitting Rings, and More! 23 Ways to Save Money Today

Topics We’re Talking About: Ack! Well… That Was Unexpected

What Are the Best Savings Accounts?

ReadyForZero PLUS Credit Now Shows Credit Scoring Factors!

Common Questions: Can I Transfer a Car Loan?

Get Your Mind Right: How to Change Your Mindset to Reach Financial Prosperity

A Review of Lending Club for Borrowers

One Simple Change That Shaved 7 Months Off My Student Loan Debt Repayment

What Is a Peer-to-Peer Loan?

17 Ways to Make Your Budget Better - Starting Today

Topics We're Talking About: Dealing With Decision Paralysis

What Are the Best Secured Credit Cards?

Why We Created a New Debt Consolidation Tool

What Is a Good Credit Score for Renting an Apartment?

MoneyBuzz Episode 001: Dear John… I Mean Debt, An Interview with Melanie Lockert of Dear Debt

Do I Qualify for a Debt Consolidation Loan?

Introducing Destination Debt Free: A Six Week Course to Debt Freedom

Does Paying Off a Loan Early Hurt Your Credit Score?

From Losing Weight to Beating Debt - How One Man Changed His Habits to Live the Life of His Dreams

Topics We're Talking About: Touching Base With Financial Goals

Telling It Straight: Debt Consolidation vs. Debt Settlement

Go Green to Save Green: 5 Easy Ways to Get Started

10 Ways I Manage to Put 50% of My Income Towards Debt Payoff

Why I NEVER Order the Cheapest Thing On the Menu

September 2014

What Is Debt Settlement and How Does It Work?

Meet the Couple Who Overcame $28,000 of Debt Together

How to Get a Personal Loan with Good Credit

It's Here... The MoneyBuzz Podcast

Topics We’re Talking About: Streamlining a Debt Repayment Plan

Saying "I Don't" To Wedding Party Expenses

How to Survive a Night Out On the Town When You’re On a Budget

What Are the Late Fees for Capital One Credit Cards?

How to Decide if It’s Worth Taking Calculated Risks for Financial Gain

The High Cost of Sleep Deprivation

The Power of Specificity Turns Your Passion Into Financial Success

Is Your HELOC Draw Period Coming to An End Soon? What You Need to Know

Mastering the “Soft” Skills, Stories to Inspire, and Financial Literacy: Our Favorite Posts From August

Topics We’re Talking About: Nerding Out Over FinCon!!!

So What REALLY Happens If You Default on Your Student Loans?

3 Tips For Dealing With Cognitive Overload

Are You Making These 6 Major Credit Card Mistakes?

Wage Garnishment Puts the Brakes on Financial Recovery For Many Americans

Looking For Motivation? Get Specific With Your Goals

How to Choose a Legitimate Credit Counselor

Why You Should Never Feel Self-Conscious About Being Frugal

Topics We're Talking About: Environmentally Friendly Budgeting

$18 Billion in Student Loan Debt Threatening Livelihood of Senior Citizens

How One Woman Pledged a Debt Free Life (and Is Helping Others Do The Same)

The FAFSA Does NOT Equal Free Money

Creature of Habit? How Shaking It Up Can Revitalize Your Finances

Years After the Great Recession, Positive Financial Habits Emerge

For People Tired of Overspending on School Supplies

Does Carrying a Balance Help or Hurt Your Credit Score?

How to Master the Art of Saying "No" for the Sake of Your Budget

Topics We’re Talking About: Family Matters

CFPB Warns Against "True Cost" of Credit Card Promotions

Here's What No One Will Tell You About Paying for College (But Should)

A Guide To Charitable Giving While in Debt (Hint: It's Not Always About Money)

What Is Wage Garnishment? (How to Deal When Debt Leads to Lost Pay)

ReadyForZero Launches Its First Ever Android App!

In The Money vs Happiness Debate, Why Not Choose Both?

August 2014

Topics We’re Talking About: Getting Thrifty Up in Here

Generation Mortgage: Why Gen X Is In More Debt

Back to the Beginning: Claire Shares Some of Her Favorite Posts

What Happens If Your Home Is Foreclosed On?

Feeling Spendy? Do One of These 10 Things Instead

Are You One Of 800,000 Americans Who Could Benefit From HARP?

From Broadway to Business and Back: One Man's Journey to Debt Freedom and Career Fulfillment

Can A Debt Consolidation Loan Lower Your Payments?

How 3 Pro Athletes Overcame Extreme Debt

Topics We're Talking About: Budgeting For The Last Bit of Summer

Selling a Dream: The Trouble With For-Profit Education

Discover the 9 "Hidden" Features That Can Rock Your ReadyForZero Plan

Similar but NOT the Same: What’s the Difference Between APR and Interest Rate?

How a Financial Planner and Her Husband Manage Their Debt

Will A Day Come When Our Entire Daily Lives Are Scored?

What Happens If I Lose My Job?

How Long Does a Bad Mark Stay On Your Credit Report?

Optimization, Education, and Getting In Touch With Your Emotions: Our Best Posts from July

Topics We’re Talking About: Facing Your Financial Fears

An Education in Transparency: Schools Under Pressure to Disclose Details Behind Financial Products Marketed On Campus

36 Creative Ways to Entertain on a Budget

What Is a Good Credit Score to Buy a Car?

How to Get Out of Credit Card Debt

Medical Debt Takes Back Seat in New FICO Credit Score

A + B = Delicious: Easy Lunch Templates For The Busy Professional

5 Money Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20's (So You Can Prosper In Your 30's)

Focus on Your Financial Pain Points to Better Organize Your Priorities

Topics We’re Talking About: Keeping Your Change (and Dollar Bills)

APR Hikes Loom, Furthers Incentive To Pay Debt Off Faster

The Powerful Impact Unhappiness Has On Your Money (and 4 Steps to Fight It)

How An Emergency Fund Got Jen Back on Her Bike - and Back on Track With Her Financial Plan

12 Simple Tips to Kick Your Debt Repayment Into High Gear

UPDATE: Soldiers Win $92 Million in Debt Relief

Raise Your Hand If Life Panned Out Exactly As You Expected (That's What We Thought)

What To Do If You Fall Behind on Car Loan Payments

Communication Ain't Easy: Why You Need to Master It for the Sake of Your Finances

Topics We’re Talking About: Working Smarter To Pay Off Your Debt

July 2014

Far From Alone, 1 in 3 Consumers Dealing With Debt Collectors

The Top 7 Financial Podcasts For Millennials

Lockdown Your Spending By Finding Your Perfect Budgeting System

How to Send a Request for Validation of Debt Letter

New Predatory Lending Directed At Military Families - What to Look Out For

Stop Spending on Stuff: The Case For Funding Experiences

Can You Buy a Car With No Down Payment?

The Surprising Link Between Birth Order and Financial Behavior

Topics We’re Talking About: Eating Healthy on a Budget

The Conservative Generation? Recession Creates New Type of Millennial

Back to the Beginning: Shannon Shares Some of Her Favorite Posts

From Searching to Closing: 14 Need-To-Knows About Buying a House

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Debt?

The Secret To Financial Success? Time.

What Motivates You To Pay Off Your Debt? Zina Shares Her Story

What Is a Line of Credit?

How to Organize Your Environment To Stay Motivated

Topics We're Talking About: Personalizing Your Approach to Finance

Double the Debt? Piggyback Mortgages On The Rise

Affordable Travel, Getting Your Mind Right, and Checking In: Our Best Posts from June

4 Ways I Brought Balance to My Budget

Dough On The Side: How to Earn Extra Cash On Your Lunch Break

The Key to Protecting Your Financial Information from a Scam

What Is a Credit Utilization Rate?

What Is Pay To Delete?

Overcoming the Guilt Associated with Mismanaged Finances

Topics We’re Talking About: Minimalism and Financial Success

Debt Settlement May Not Provide The Relief You'd Expect

Creating Change in Life AND Finances: What CrossFit Can Teach Us About Paying Off Debt

Why Living At Home After Graduation Is NOT a Cop-Out

Why You Should Never Say You're Bad at Math (and Other Financial Wisdom)

Announcing Our New Get Out of Debt and Auto Loan Resource Centers

How to Set Up a Debt Repayment Plan

The One Emotion That Can Really Hurt Your Finances - And How to Fight Back

Can Expectations Deter Your Financial Success?

Ladies, Ramp Up Your Style Without Breaking the Bank Using These 5 Essentials

Know Your Limits: Why You Should Calculate Your Own Personal Debt Ceiling

How to Handle Your First Summer with Student Loans

ReadyForZero Hits A New Milestone: $175 Million Paid Off!

The 7 Best Free Travel Apps.... EVER

June 2014

How to Pay off Your MBA Loans

How Two Moves and a Major Career Change Led Me to Happiness and Financial Freedom

Topics We're Talking About: Choices, Choices, Choices

Oblications, Impulse Spending, & Other Budget Leaks

Wooing on the Cheap (Without Looking Cheap): How to Date on a Budget

The Case for Budgeting: Keeping Your Financial House in Order

How to Pay Off Your Law School Loans

Raise Your Credit By Reporting Rent (Plus Other Uncommon Strategies)

No More Excuses: How to Finally Start Saving on Food Expenses

Can I Return My Car to the Dealership?

How Your Brain Works Against You in Making Financial Decisions

Topics We’re Talking About: Emotions in Personal Finance

Fast Track To Student Loan Repayment May Have Adverse Impact On Retirement

How to Find a Legitimate Debt Relief Company

Control Your Destiny - Why One Woman Chose to Break Free of the Bondage of Debt

Jay Z and Other Celebs Learned These Money Lessons the Hard Way (But You Don't Have To)

How To Create a Future of Prosperity When Forced To Choose Between Basic Living Expenses

The All-Inclusive Guide to Avoiding Debt

What Are the Best Debt Repayment Apps?

How to Create Lasting Habits (Step 1: Embrace Being Human)

Topics We're Talking About: Moving. Blech.

It's Time to Get Realistic About Marriage and Money

Meet Karl the Fog and 16 Other Fun Things to Do in San Francisco

How One Woman Stood Up To Her Numbers and Got Past The Guilt of Debt

7 Books That Will Help You Destroy Debt and Live a Rich Life

Obama's Student Debt Plan: Does It Solve the Core Problem?

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster (Without Refinancing)

Know Your Pet's Personality (and Other Unexpected Tips To Help Reduce Veterinary Costs)

Fake it Til You Make It: Hacking Optimism to Help You Pay Off Debt

Topics We’re Talking About: Reframing Your Financial Perspective

Overqualified and Underemployed? How To Beat The Newest Trend for College Graduates

Fun Things To Do in New York (Hint: Skip Times Square)

Jen’s Story: Slashing Debt with ReadyForZero

27 Essentials For The Budget Traveler (Because There’s Always a Use For Duct Tape)

The Big Squeeze: Why Today's Young People are Not Buying Homes

Save Your Green for the Garden: How to Pursue Your Gardening Hobby on a Budget

Checking In With the Debt Destroyers!

How Travel Sites Trick You Into Spending More Money

May 2014

Topics We’re Talking About: Overcoming Financial “Oops”

Commuting Costs Are Insane - Here’s How To Cope

Fun Summer Staycation Ideas (That Don't Involve Netflix)

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Lost Generation No More: It's Time to Take Back Our Deferred Dreams

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Beaches, Bars, and Brunch: How Facebook Makes Us All Want to Spend More

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5 Ways To Save On Lodging (So You Can Travel Even MORE)

12 Ways to Take the Bite Out of Your Restaurant Spending

Your All-Inclusive Guide to Saving Money on Weddings

Why an Internship Could Be the Best Financial Decision You've Ever Made

How One Man Used Accountability to Pay Off $25,000 of Debt

When Life Gets Tough, How To Keep Your Head Above Water

Fix Your Financial Impulses - in Just 45 Days

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Why You Should Never Make This Simple Credit Card Mistake

What Is Debt Snowflaking?

How to Overcome Relationships That Are Hurting Your Finances

This New Retail Technology Could Spell Trouble For Your Wallet

24 Ways to Pay Off Your Debt Faster

How to Prepare Your High School Senior for College Finances

Don't Let Ads Get You Into Debt

Topics We’re Talking About: Turning Your Hobby Into a Hustle

Student Loan Interest Rates Set To Increase - One Way To Avoid the Spike

Plan Your Best (and Cheapest) Road Trip Ever

How to Pay Off Your Victoria's Secret Card

In a Wedding? Why You Should Start Saving NOW

All Fun and No Necessities? Why the Cost of Basic Needs is On the Rise

How to Bust-Proof Your Budget

Comic Book Crusader Crushes Debt

Tony the Tiger Is Controlling Your Spending Habits

Topics We’re Talking About: Overcoming Barriers

Student Loan Forgiveness: A Solution That Creates New Problems?

Real World Money Advice For New Grads

April 2014

How to Pay Off a Boat Loan

Announcing The Complete ReadyForZero Ebook Collection

Going to the Doctor? Be Prepared to Pay Before You Leave

How to Score the Cheapest Flight for Your Upcoming Trip

What Is the Debt Snowball?

Hacking Your Senses to Reach Your Financial Goals

Topics We're Talking About: How To Rock The Job Hunt

Co-Signers in Trouble Could Lead to Default On Your Loans

Is Your Financial Bubble About to Pop?

How to Be At Peace with Your Financial Situation

How to Manually Add an Account to ReadyForZero

Hospitals Investing in the Health Of Your Finances

How This Young Professional is Paying Off $100,000 of Student Loan Debt

Are There Any Credit Card Rewards for Paying Off Student Loans?

One Incredibly Easy Step to Spur Financial Success

Topics We’re Talking About: Money and Happiness

Where is Your Tax Return Going This Year?

4 Student Loan Mistakes that Make Interest Rates Soar

7 Money Skills Your Kids Have But You Don't

What To Do When Your Financial Ideas Burn Out

Invitation For Debt: How Financial Aid Letters Are Tricking Prospective Students

The Heartbleed Bug and How to Protect Your Financial Data

Using Optimism and Forward-Thinking to Get Past Financial Hurdles

Checking In With The Debt Destroyers!

Topics We're Talking About: Housing Is Expensive. Like, Really Expensive.

What Happened in Internet Security this Week, Our Response, and What You Should Do

Tired of Student Loan Debt? Get Rid of It

How to Prevent Student Loans from Hurting Your Finances

So You Want To Tackle Your Debt Like a Pro… (An Illustrated Guide)

10 Cheap/Free Things for Book Lovers

Are We All Secretly Suffering from Financial Anxiety?

When Is It a Good Time to Buy a House?

Couponing Tips for Non-couponers

When Your DIY Project Isn’t Worth It (and When It Is)

Topics We’re Talking About: Traveling On a Budget

Overdraft Fees Are Becoming Less Common... But More Expensive

Can Different Money Attitudes Work in a Relationship?

When It Doesn't Make Financial Sense to Go Green

3 Keys to a Successful Budget

What's Driving the Decline in Private Student Loan Default?

Everything You Need to Know About Couples Finances

March 2014

Should You Pay Someone to Do Your Taxes or Do It Yourself?

Why Young People Should Not Buy Brand New Cars

Topics We're Talking About: How To Utilize Personal Strengths in Your Financial Plan

Medical Debt: A Growing Threat to 1 in 5 Americans' Financial Security

How to Compare Student Loan Consolidation Rates

7 Signs You're Addicted to Shopping

Is There a Perfect Credit Score?

How to Avoid Scams (Phone, Email, and Mail)

How to Pay Off Your Macy’s (Or Department Store) Credit Card

Buying Vs. Leasing a Car: What's the Smarter Choice?

Battle of the Budget: When Emotions Win Over Logic

Topics We’re Talking About: Defining Your Financial Habits...and Improving Them

This Is How Americans Rank Their Debt... Surprised?

How to Keep Your Resolution Going Strong

How to Pay Off Your Amazon Card

How to Reduce the Compounding Stress of Car Ownership

CFPB Survey Empowers You to Take a Stand Against Unfair Debt Collection Practices

The Practical Benefits of Living Like a College Student (Until You're 30)

How a Financial Planner and Her Husband Manage Their Budget

How to Maximize the Impact of a Positive Change

Topics We're Talking About: Pet Expenses

There's a New Credit Score on the Block: Predictive Credit Scores

What Happens If Your Debt Goes to Collections?

Raking in the Rewards

What Happens If I Can't Pay My Medical Bills?

How to Pay Off Credit Card Debt (Faster)

How to Use Free Software to Get Out of Debt

Avoid These Top 5 Ways You Get Hustled When Buying a New Car

Why The CFPB is Under Attack... and Why It Should Be Protected

Topics We’re Talking About: Earning on What You Already Own

Americans Jumping From One Debt to Another? Equifax Says Yes

What Happens If I Can't Pay My Taxes?

Sneaky Mortgage Tactic Finally Challenged by $300 Million Lawsuit

Can You Buy a Home With Bad Credit?

Some People Are Using Student Loans To Pay the Bills - And Putting Themselves At Risk

What Happens if I Can’t Pay My Bills? 6 Vital Steps to Take

Sallie Mae Splits in Two - Here's How It Might Affect You

Debt Destroyers: Updates From February

February 2014

Meet The ReadyForZero Team: Rod

Topics We’re Talking About: How To Grow Your Career

Delta Changes Rewards Program: What It Means for You

How to Pay Off Student Loans (Faster)

Americans Spend Nearly 50% of Their Income On These Two Things

Can You Buy a Home With No Down Payment?

Sallie Mae's Lending Practices Under Fire - Illinois Starts Investigation Trend

How to Give Yourself a Clean Slate With Your Finances

Will The Credit Cards of the Future Protect You Better?

How to Pay Off IRS Tax Debt

Meet The ReadyForZeroTeam: Nacho

Topics We're Talking About: City Livin'

How Joe Paid Off $24,000 of Debt

Are You Maxing Out On Happiness By Maxing Out Your Credit Card?

How to Afford Travel When You Want to Travel EVERYWHERE

Two Guys Create Legit Way to Pay Debt Online [via Mashable]

How Jennifer Paid Off $37,000 Of Debt

The Battle For Cable Consumers Heats Up As More Customers Choose to Cut the Cord

What Are the Best Debt Reduction Tools?

How Your Debt Payments (and Other Expenses) Can Save You Money at Tax Time

Small Financial Decisions You Can Make Today to Secure Your Future

Lisa is More Than a Number

How to Pay Off a Car Title Loan

Topics We're Talking About: Decluttering Your Life

Robo-Signing The First of Many Shady Mortgage Practices To Meet An End

10 Things You Should Never Pay For

Are There Any Legitimate Debt Consolidation Loans?

Announcing ReadyForZero's Very First Ebooks!

Prepaid Cards Can Offer Pre-Portioned Spending for Consumers

What Happens If You Owe the IRS Money?

It's Time to Get Serious About Protecting Your Finances - Data Breach Edition

One Man's Experience with Settling a HELOC

Topics We're Talking About: Educational Expenses

Beyond a Mortgage: How Responsible Renters Can Strengthen Their Credit

How to Read a Credit Card Statement

Is It Getting Easier to Refinance Student Loans?

How Do I Consolidate My Credit Cards?

Another Addition To the Education Tab: Pre-College Costs

Is Your Partner in Debt? Here Are Some Tools to Help You Talk About It

Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Stats Show You're Not Alone

Debt Destroyers: Updates From January

January 2014

Many Young Workers Are Seeing Their Careers Stalled by the Recession

Meet the ReadyForZero Team: Claire

Topics We’re Talking About: How To Save On Housing Costs

Why Your Home Office Could Become Your New Favorite Room

7 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Spending

How to Keep Heating Costs From Freezing Your Funds

11 Tips for Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Surprise! Your New Year's Resolution Could Be Hurting Your Wallet

Practical Tips to Stop Keeping Up with the Joneses

Why Higher Income Doesn’t Always Mean a Higher Credit Score

Valerie is More Than a Number

Why Interest Rates May Go Up This Year – And What It Means for You

Topics We’re Talking About: Money Talk With Your Partner

Don't Miss Out On Tax Breaks Before They Disappear

Uncovering the Hidden Tactics that Are Keeping You in Debt

Put Your Credit Back Into Your Hands

Why It's So Hard to Pay Off Debt - And What You Can Do About It

Teachers, Don't Get Schooled By Loans For School Supplies

Relationships and How They Affect Your Financial Picture

What Happens If You Can't Pay Your Rent?

Meet the ReadyForZero Team: Shannon

Topics We're Talking About: Everyday Savings That Can Lower Your Monthly Spending

Is a Low Credit Score a Never-Ending Cycle?

What Happens If You Declare Bankruptcy?

Paying a Professional to Prepare Your Taxes? Watch Out For Errors and Fraud

How to Pay Off a Harley Davidson Loan

Protecting Yourself Against Tax Identity Theft with the Help of the FTC

How to Pay Off Medical Bills

Neiman Marcus Breach Reaffirms Credit and Debit Card Vulnerabilities

Debt Destroyers: Embarking On A New Year

Cruising Into Debt: The High Cost of Low Monthly Auto Payments

Topics We're Talking About: Setting a Starting Line For Your Goals

New CFPB Mortgage Rules Aim To Protect Homebuyers

Should I Cancel My Credit Card?

Veterans Benefits: How to Spot a Scam

How To Turn New Year’s Resolutions Into Lifestyle Resolutions

The Family Man Who Paid Off $24,000 in Debt After Making a New Year’s Resolution

The Dangers of Debit: How Bank Cards Are Making Consumers Vulnerable to Fraud

How Do I Stop Credit Card Offers from Littering My Mailbox?

Topics We're Talking About: Making Positive Changes In The New Year

Join the Food, Fitness, and Finance (F3) Challenge

December 2013

2013 ReadyForZero Year In Review and Thank You

5 Things About Money and Psychology You Need to Know

Topics We’re Talking About: Appreciating the “Haves” In Life

How to Use the Web to Improve Your Monthly Budget

How to Organize Your Finances for the New Year

What the Target Breach Can Teach You About Protecting Your Credit

Topics We’re Talking About: Staying Warm and Cozy on a Budget

Hidden Emotional Factors That May Be Destroying Your Finances

How Do I Find Out What Credit Cards I Have In My Name?

Charitable Giving - How to Make Sure Your Money is Going to the Right Place

The Best Options if You Need Help Paying Off Your Credit Cards

Payday Lenders Sue on Defaulted Loans - How You Can Avoid Court

6 Ways to Earn Money in Your Spare Time

Mortgage and Debt Relief Companies Under Fire - How You Can Spot a Scam

Topics We're Talking About: Healthy Eating On a Budget

Standing Up For Yourself (and Your Finances) When You're a Victim of Financial Bullying

Should I Use a 401(k) to Pay Off Credit Cards?

Crackdown on Medical Credit Cards Nets Customers $34 Million Refund

How to Closely Examine Your Budget

Is the American Dream Fading? How You Can Still Achieve It

The Right and Wrong Ways to Build Credit

The FTC Sheds Light on the True Cost of Minimum Payments

November Updates From The Debt Destroyers

Meet the ReadyForZero Team: Ben Wolfson

Topics We’re Talking About: Outsmarting the Holiday Budget Busters

Financial Marketing Dwarfs Financial Education Efforts: What Does This Mean for You?

30 Ways to Increase Your Income

Looming Dairy Cliff Could Spell Trouble for Your Monthly Budget

How Many Credit Scores Do You Have? (The answer might surprise you)

Beyond the Payments: How the CFPB Is Helping You to Take Real Control of Your Student Loans

How to Network on a Budget

Is That Holiday Deal the Deal You Think It Is?

When Will You Be Debt Free? Run the Numbers for Motivation

November 2013

Topics We're Talking About: Putting Your Finances into Perspective

What We're Thankful For

How to Distinguish a True Bargain During the Holidays

Using Digital to Protect Your Identity

How to Keep Your Cool When Dealing with Your Bank (and Other Financial Institutions)

Is Poverty a Vicious Cycle?

How to Mentally Approach the Holidays to Avoid Poor Financial Decisions

Meet the ReadyForZero Team: Marshall

Groupon Proves Free Isn't Really Free: How to Avoid Consumer Traps

Topics We're Talking About: Avoiding Spending Temptations This Holiday Season

Private Student Loans More Costly Than You Might Think

What To Do With Your Financial Documents

Are Millennials Doing a Bad Job of Managing Their Debt?

How Mindfulness Can Help Your Finances

Is Personal Finance Turning into Family Finance?

How to Get Through the Tough Financial Times

What Credit Card Rewards Terms Don't Tell You

How to Save Money on Toiletries

How to Protect Your Child's Credit from Fraud

Topics We're Talking About: Achieving Balance in Your Budget

Home Loan Interest Rates On the Rise - How You Can Prepare Your Finances

Which Kitchen Appliances Can Help You Stick to a Food Budget?

Good News: The Card Act is Actually Helping People

What Living in China Taught Me About Money

Beware of Used Car Loans that Could Double Your Interest

The Key To Paying Off Credit Card Debt Quickly

5 Mistakes You Should NEVER Make with Debt

Borrowing Against Your Future?

Topics We’re Talking About: What Constitutes Good Value?

Graduates in Default Have a New Lifeline

6 Tips to Save Time (and Money) When You're Too Busy to Cook

Don't Let Store Cards Drive you Into Debt This Holiday Season

Overcoming the Common Challenges of Budgeting (So You Can Get On With Your Life)

The Great Balancing Act: How to Obtain Financial Freedom for You and Your Family

What You Need to Know About Debt Reduction Services (Are They a Scam?)

From Taboo to TMI? Millennials Seek Financial Advice from Each Other, Not Experts

Catching Up With the Debt Destroyers Super League

Meet the ReadyForZero Team: Gene

Don't Be Duped by Scammers Posing as IRS Agents

Topics We’re Talking About: Standing Up To Your Debt

October 2013

Poll: What’s Your Scariest Financial Moment?

How To Save Money on Food While Traveling

Know Your Rights When Dealing with Banks and Lenders

A Nice Recognition... and Big Thank You to All Our Readers

The Great Debate: Paying Off Debt or Saving for Retirement

Understanding Your Money Beliefs

Could We Learn Good Financial Habits from Teenagers? A Recent Report says “YES”

Holly is More Than a Number

Is 73 the New Normal? Reports Say Retirement Age Is Going Up

Topics We’re Talking About: Career Conundrums

Higher Education Finally Catching On to the Student Loan Debt Problem

Prevent Food Waste and Save Money With These Easy Tricks

National Save For Retirement Week Encourages a More Secure Financial Future

Double Down: How to Successfully Pay Off Debt with Your Spouse

Lenders Are Making it More Difficult to Pay Off Your Student Loans

What to Do When You’ve Got Too Much Credit Card Debt

The End of Overdraft Fees?

Success Profile Update: Katrina's Knocking Off Credit Cards

Shifts In Buying Practices Could Make You Vulnerable To Overspending

Topics We’re Talking About: How To Handle Your Finances When Life Throws You a Curveball

Why You Probably Don’t Have Credit Card Insurance (Or Want It)

Making The Most Out Of Your Meals

Some Banks And Lenders Offering A Helping Hand To Furloughed Workers

Debt Free 101: The Basics of Paying Off Debt

Debt or Your Health - Many Medical Practices Now Force You to Choose

Understanding the Emotional Side of Money

Public Outcry for Financial Literacy Results in Free Financial Planning Courses This Week

Kait is More Than a Number

How Big Banks Are Working To Serve The Unbanked - Are The Fees Worth It?

Topics We’re Talking About: The Importance of Flexibility In a Financial Plan

Payday Loans a Tempting Danger For People of All Economic Backgrounds

How I Plan My Meals to Save More Money

Tax Forms, Another Victim of the Shutdown - How This Could Prevent You From Obtaining Credit and Landing a Job

How to Pay Off A Debt Consolidation Loan

Some Colleges Take Away Your Financial Aid When You Get a Scholarship

Following a Financial Plan While Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Government Shutdown Have you Furloughed? Here's How to Keep Your Finances In Order

October Updates From The Debt Destoyers

How To Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones From Financial Fraud

Topics We're Talking About: How To Stay On Budget This Fall Season

Why It's Now Harder Than Ever to Obtain a Preapproval on a Mortgage

Surviving The Supermarket: How to Avoid Overspending on Groceries

Are You Paid With a Prepaid Debit Card? Here's How To Avoid The Fees

The Art of Conquering Credit Card Debt

How Seasonal Work Can Help You To Pay Off Debt Faster

The 4 Most Dangerous Things About Credit Cards (And How to Protect Yourself)

September 2013

It’s the Eve of Obamacare - How Will Your Budget Be Affected?

How to Master the "Mental Game" of Sticking to a Budget

Financial Literacy: The Best Defense Against Economic Turmoil

Topics We’re Talking About: Car Costs

Obamacare, Government Shutdowns, and Why You Should Care

Finding Your Best Budgeting Strategy - and Sticking With It

First Obamacare Costs Released

How a Separate Stash of Cash Can Save Your Relationship (and Budget)

How much student loan debt is too much? The answer might surprise you.

Pay Off Debt Faster by Lowering Your Budget for Each Spending Category

When Retirement Savings Aren't Enough

Erin is More Than a Number

Topics We're Talking About: Overcoming Money Mistakes

5 Ways to Resist Peer Pressured Spending

What to Do When the Finish Line Seems So... Far... Away

3 Ways that Anyone Can Save an Extra $200 Per Month

What You Need To Know About The Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

How to Give Yourself a Raise By Paying Off Debt

Yikes! Avoid Getting Trapped by Store Credit Cards

How Defining Your Career Goals Can Improve Your Finances

Claire's Corner: The 'Beginning Investor' Edition

6 Easy Ways To Cut Food Costs

How Much Does One Late Car Loan Payment Hurt Your Credit Score?

The Story Behind Soldier of Finance

The Top 5 Mental Challenges of Paying Off Debt and How to Cope with Them

Syed Is More Than a Number

Claire's Corner: Save Big With Small Steps

Salary Negotiation: How to Earn an Extra $600k in 7 Steps

How Does Car Loan Interest Work?

September Super League Check-In: How have you been destroying your debt?

August 2013

Claire's Corner: Financial Splurges Edition

Spender/Saver Tension? How Weekly Budget Meetings Can Save Your Finances (and Your Marriage!)

How Do Car Loans Affect Your Credit Score?

What is the Impact of One Late Student Loan Payment?

What is the ReadyForZero Community?

Claire's Corner: Perceptions of Wealth

How to Decrease Your Entertainment Spending

How Does a Mortgage Affect Your Credit Score?

How Does Student Loan Interest Work?

How Does ReadyForZero Work?

Claire's Corner: Credit Score And Credit Report Edition

Talkin Bout Your Generations: Let's Keep Talkin

3 Signs You're Not Ready for a Mortgage

Monitor Your Credit Score As You Tackle Debt with ReadyForZero

Are You More Than a Number? (YES)

Claire's Corner: Camping On The Cheap

Talkin Bout Your Generation: The Sandwich Generation(s)

The (Forgotten) Value of Your Education

Equal Justice Works

Survey: We Need Your Advice on How to Improve Our Blog

Join the Debt Destroyers (And Friends) Super League

The LITC Series: Waving Good-bye

Talkin Bout Your Generation: Baby Boomers

July 2013

How Your Credit Report Determines Your Credit Score

How to Schedule a Payment on ReadyForZero PLUS

How Does Mortgage Interest Work?

Shannon's Shout Outs: Retirement Edition

Wrapping Up The Private Student Loans Series

The LITC Series: Pare Down Your Pear Tree

Talkin Bout Your Generation: Generation-X

How NOT to Get Crushed By Student Loans [Infographic]

Morality And Student Loans

Shannon's Shout Outs: Sandwich Generation Edition

Time Management For Private Student Loans

The LITC Series: Finding Contentment in Your Community

Talkin Bout Your Generation: Millennials

How Student Loans Affect Your Credit Score

Are Balance Transfers a Good Idea to Help You Pay Off Debt Faster?

Shannon's Shout Outs - Family and Finances Edition

The Pros and Cons of Private Student Loans

The LITC Series: Economize With Ecofriendly

"Talkin Bout Your Generation" Series

What Happens If You Can't Pay Your Mortgage Payment?

What is the Minimum Payment On a Credit Card?

Shannon's Shout Outs: Financial Hangover Edition

Help Paying Off A Private Student Loan

The LITC Series: Financing Your Friendships

What's Your Definition of Financial Independence?

How to Fight Back Against Illegal and Unfair Debt Collection Practices

Shannon's Shout Outs: 4th of July Edition

What Is A Private Student Loan?

June 2013

The LITC Series: How To Hone In On Your Hobbies

How to Deal with Debt Collectors: Lessons from My Experience

What Happens When You Stop Paying Your Student Loans

Announcing Our New Credit Score and Mortgage Resource Centers

Shannon's Shout Outs: Summer Savings Edition

Introducing "The Little Intern That Could" Series

What Is Debt?

How to Start Investing

Should I Defer My Student Loans?

Shannon's Shout Outs: Fitness and Finance Edition

How Much Does One Late Mortgage Payment Hurt Your Credit Score?

How to Build a Retirement Fund

How Does Credit Card Debt Affect Your Credit Score?

Should I Consolidate My Student Loans?

Shannon's Shout Outs: Father's Day Edition

How to Build a Savings Fund

Meet Laura, The Grad Student Who Paid Off $7,000 of Debt

How to Deal with Unexpected Debt

Can You Really Afford a Mortgage?

Shannon's Shout Outs: Summer Travel Edition

May 2013

The White Horse of Student Loan Relief

Pros and Cons of Consolidating Student Loans

9 Unconventional Ways to Pay Down Your Debt Faster

Shannon's Shout Outs: Financial Checkup Edition

8 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

Dealing with the Emotions of Becoming Debt-Free

What is A Good Credit Score for Buying a House?

How to Get (and Stay) Motivated for Long-Term Debt Repayment

Shannon's Shout Outs: Student Loan Edition

Should I Do Forbearance?

How to Strategize Your Finances

Frugal Ways to Reward Yourself Along Your Debt Payoff Journey

Approach Consumer Debt as a Symptom Rather than a Problem

Shannon's Shout Outs: Graduation Edition

Meet the ReadyForZero Team: Benny

How to Evaluate Financial Priorities

Blogger of the Month: Peter Anderson

How to Deal with Your Student Loan Debt

Shannon's Shout Outs: Mother's Day Edition

How to Schedule a Sallie Mae Payment

What's the Difference Between a Defined Benefit Plan and a Defined Contribution Plan?

Lifelong Goals Are the Key to Motivation

Mortgage Interest Tax Deductions You Can't Afford to Miss

April 2013

How to Deal with Hospital Bills

Shannon's Shout Outs: Money and Relationships Edition

ReadyForZero Video Shoot: Meeting Our Users In Person

What to Do if You're New to the Workforce

Control Your Spending by Giving Yourself an Allowance

Top 5 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

Shannon's Shout Outs: Breaking Down Mental Barriers Edition

10 Mental Barriers to Paying Off Debt: What's Stopping You?

The Current State of Student Loans

Beware of Store Credit Cards

Shannon's Shout Outs: Financial Literacy Edition

10 Mental Barriers to Paying off Debt: You Don't See the Point in Asking for Help

5 Steps to Help You Increase Your Income

How We Paid Off $59,000 of Debt Together (Part 2)

Weekly Shout Outs: Tax Time Edition

How Do You Stay Motivated for Long-Term Goals?

10 Mental Barriers to Paying Off Debt: The Need to Maintain Appearances

How Do I Get My Free Credit Report and Score Online?

How We Paid Off $59,000 of Debt Together (Part 1)

Weekly Shout Outs: Money Makeover Edition

March 2013

Learning to Live Without Credit Cards

10 Mental Barriers to Paying Off Debt: Instant Gratification Syndrome

Student Loan Interest Deduction: The IRS Wants You to Pay Down Your Student Debt

Should I Do a Credit Card Balance Transfer?

Weekly Shout Outs: Snowy Spring Edition

For Richer, For Poorer - Debt and Marriage

10 Mental Barriers to Paying Off Debt: Can't Break the Cycle of Debt

Should You Pay Off Credit Cards or Student Loans First?

How Much of a Mortgage Can I Afford?

Weekly Shout Outs: Tax Preparation Edition

Ask Get Out of Debt Guy: Questions About Debt Settlement

10 Mental Barriers to Paying Off Debt: You Don't Feel Like You're Making Progress

Top 5 Money Saving Ideas

9 Fun Things To Do For Free

Weekly Shout Outs: Health Care Edition

How to Create a Budget

10 Mental Barriers to Paying Off Debt: You Aren't Saving Money

How I Paid Off My Debt in Less Than Two Years (and You Can Too)

How to Be a Virtual Assistant

Weekly Shout Outs: America Saves Week Wrap Up Edition

Ask the Get Out of Debt Guy: How to Find Out Who You Owe

February 2013

10 Mental Barriers to Paying Off Debt: What to Do If You Hate Budgeting

The New Pay As You Earn Program for Student Loans

Welcome to America Saves Week / Military Saves Week!

Weekly Shout Outs: America Saves Week Edition

Ask the Get Out of Debt Guy: What Happens If You Stop Making Your Credit Card Payments

10 Mental Barriers to Paying Off Debt: Doubting Your Chances of a Good Financial Future

How to Handle Debt if You Become Unemployed

Weekly Shout Outs: President's Day Edition

Ask the Get Out of Debt Guy: Should You Use Retirement Funds to Pay Off Debt?

10 Mental Barriers to Paying Off Debt: Not Making Debt Payoff the Top Priority

Do-It-Yourself Credit Repair (Without Spending a Dime)

How to Pay Credit Card Bills Online

Weekly Shout Outs: Valentine's Day Edition

Ask the Get Out of Debt Guy: Options for Student Loan Co-Signers

10 Mental Barriers to Paying Off Debt: Thinking Debt is Not a Problem

Blogger of the Month: Michelle from Making Sense of Cents

How to Know When to Quit Your Job

Weekly Shout Outs: Real Estate Edition

10 Mental Barriers to Paying Off Debt

January 2013

Biweekly Payments: How They Work

How to Get Out of Debt

Weekly Shout Outs: My Money Questions Edition

Ask the Get Out of Debt Guy!

Disadvantages of Reverse Mortgages

How to Increase Willpower

How to Freelance

Top Personal Finance Blogs of 2012

Weekly Shout Outs: New Career for the New Year Edition

Do Your Loved Ones Understand Your Career Priorities?

Should You Ever Loan Money to Friends and Family?

Why You Should NOT Open a Credit Card for the Rewards

Why You Should Open a Credit Card for the Rewards

5 Ways to Protect Yourself if You're the Victim of Credit Fraud

Weekly Shout Outs: Automate Your Finances Edition

Put Your Student Loans on Autopilot

What's an Average Credit Card Interest Rate? (And How to Get a Lower One)

Blogger of the Month: Nicole from Ms. Career Girl

The Tenacious Bengals Fan Who Paid Off $10,000 in Credit Card Debt

Weekly Shout Outs: The Debt Movement Edition

Does Student Loan Debt Hurt Your Credit Score?

Year In Review: Our Most Practical Financial Advice from 2012

Let’s Pay Down $10 Million in Debt

December 2012

Weekly Shout Outs: New Year's Eve Edition

Meet the ReadyForZero Team: Kristina

Evaluating Your Finances After a Breakup

How to Evaluate Your 2012 Financial Goals

Weekly Shout Outs: Christmas Eve Edition

4 Inexpensive Ways to Help Your Child’s Future

Only Pay for What You Need Right Now

Should You Buy Your Family Lots of Holiday Gifts?

5 Money-Saving Tax Moves to Make Before the New Year

Weekly Shout Outs: Couples Finance Edition

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

How to Find a Career That Is Right For You

Why You Should Absolutely Make a New Year’s Resolution in 2013

Why You Should Not Make a New Year's Resolution in 2013

Introducing Two New Resource Centers... for Career Tips and Relationships/Money Advice

Is Your Job Keeping You From a Bright Financial Future?

Weekly Shout Outs: Identity Protection Edition

Meet the ReadyForZero Team: Loren

What to Do if You're Scared of Your Partner's Debt

Blogger of the Month: Planting Our Pennies

How to Get Ready to Repay Your Federal Student Loans

Dealing with Debt as a Couple

Weekly Shout Outs: Winter Weather Edition

November 2012

ReadyForZero Reviews

How to Pay Off Student Loans After You Graduate

Why You Should Not Go Above Your Monthly Budget for the Holidays

Why You Can Go Above Your Monthly Budget for the Holidays

How to Celebrate Your Financial Successes

Weekly Shout Outs: Holiday Season Edition

Meet the ReadyForZero Team: Bobby

Should You Buy on Black Friday or Skip It?

5 Ways to Get Organized, Save Money and Reduce Stress During the Holidays

Weekly Shout Outs: Thanksgiving Edition

ReadyForZero Vs. Mint

Why You Should Not Charge Adult Children Rent

Why You Should Charge Adult Children Rent

Should I Do a Reverse Mortgage?

Weekly Shout Outs: Veteran’s Day Edition

Free Financial Counseling for Veterans

Meet the ReadyForZero Team: Ben

Refer a Friend and Get ReadyForZero PLUS Free for a Month

Blogger of the Month: David Ning

Curb Your Spending by Giving Yourself More Paydays

Weekly Shout Outs: Emergency Preparedness Edition

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Car Payment?

The Hidden Costs of Sending Your Kid to School (and How to Minimize Them)

October 2012

Cash Is Still King! (Why You Should Use Cash Instead of Credit Cards)

Why You Should Use Credit Cards (Not Cash) For Your Day-to-Day Purchases

How to Work Towards a Financial Goal and Actually Achieve It

Weekly Shout Outs: Halloween Edition

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What Is the Worst Budgeting Tip You've Ever Heard?

Saving Money: Where Do You Draw the Line?

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Why You Should NOT Buy a New Car

Why You Should Buy a New Car (Not Used)

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Our biggest release since sliced bread: ReadyForZero PLUS

The 27-Year Old Entrepreneur Who Paid Off $6,500 in Credit Card Debt

How to Get Your Finances in Order As a Couple

The Anatomy of a Credit Report

Can the Government Garnish Your Wages if You Don’t Pay Student Loans?

Budgeting Tips: How to Menu Plan Like a Kindergartner

Why You Should NOT Take Out Student Loans for College

Why You Should Take Out Student Loans for College

Help, I Owe More Than My Car is Worth: What To Do When Your Car Loan Is Underwater

September 2012

Confessions of a Former Shopaholic: How I Broke My Spending Habits by Moving to the Big City

How Many Credit Cards Is Too Many?

What is Credit Counseling and How Does It Work?

Should I Pay For Cable TV?

Why I REFUSE to Play the Credit Score Game

Why Your Credit Score Matters (Even When You’re In Debt)

The True Secret to Paying Off Your Debt

Where to Start...

Federal Loans Now Up For Grabs by Debt Collectors

How to Apply for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

How to Legitimately Make Extra Money From Home

Why You Should NOT Use Coupons for Grocery Shopping

Why You Should Use Coupons for Grocery Shopping

August 2012

Would You Rather...

Should I Do A Payment Protection Plan?

Two and a Half Budgeting Mistakes I’ll Never Make Again

Ways to Reduce Your Need for Student Loans

How to Approach Getting a Car Loan

Why Teenagers Should NOT Be Allowed to Have a Credit Card

Why Teenagers Should Be Allowed to Have a Credit Card

4 Things Great White Sharks Can Teach You About Getting Out of Debt

Car Loan or Home Loan: Which Would You Pay First?

How to Negotiate Medical Debt

Supercharge Your Debt Paydown with Extra Income

Upper Middle Class are Struggling with Student Loan Debt Too

Smart Money Debate: Why You Should Buy a Home Instead of Renting

Smart Money Debate: Why You Should Rent Instead of Buying a Home

Success Profile: The World-Traveler Who Destroyed $37,000 in Debt

What Happens If I Can’t Pay My Student Loans?

July 2012

What Happens to Debt When You Die?

Should It Be Easier to File Bankruptcy for Private Student Loans?

Living on a Budget in the Big City

Can The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act Help You?

Fun Staycation and Local Travel Ideas That Can Save You Money

Managing Kids and Getting Out of Debt

Simple Tips for Creating a Budget You Can Stick To

Socks in the City

Ben's Challenge Update: How It Feels to Be Debt Free

10 Strategies For Saving Money While Paying Your Bills

Student Loan Grace Periods are NOT Going Away

How to Budget When Your Income Changes Each Month

June 2012

8 Ways to Keep Pet Care Expenses Under Control

How to Negotiate Your Bills

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

How to Save Money on Your Daily Cup of Coffee

Toshl Budgeting Mobile App Review

Should You Pay Off Loans Early?

Ben’s Challenge Update: June 6

May 2012

How One New York Man Beat the Odds and Paid Off $11,000 of Student Loans

Easy Wallet Hacks to Help Optimize Your Budget

How Can I Get My Credit Card Fees Waived?

8 Cheap Summer Vacation Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

Credit Unions vs. Banks: Which Should You Choose?

Debt Consolidation Fees and Costs

The Minnesota Music Fan Who Paid Off $4,000 of Debt in 4 Months

How the Debate Over Student Loan Interest Rates Affects You

A Gift Guide to a Thoughtful and Affordable Mother’s Day

My Story: How I Got My Credit Card Company to Lower My Interest Rate

Ben’s Challenge Update: May 3

Which Is Best: The 5 Different Ways to Get Out of Debt

April 2012

How To Find A Reputable Debt Consolidation Company

What Does APR Mean?

What To Do If Your Credit Limit is Lowered

What If I’m Late on My Credit Card Payment?

10 Clever Ways to Reduce Energy and Save Money on Utilities

Debt Consolidation Programs

Life After Tax Season

Does Debt Consolidation Hurt Your Credit Score?

Fun Ways to Workout and Get Fit Without Joining a Gym

What happens if I don't pay my credit cards?

How Does Debt Consolidation Work?

March 2012

How to Find a Job While in Debt

What to Do With Your Tax Refund

Ben's Challenge, Week 9: What I've Learned So Far

How Does Credit Card Interest Work?

11 Creative Ways to Negotiate and Lower Your Rent

Ben's Challenge, Week 8: Trying to Make Extra Money

Can the Special Direct Consolidation Loan Program Help You?

Is it Better to Invest or Pay Off Debt?

Ben’s Challenge, Week 7: Credit Score Update

This Arizona Man Got Organized and Paid Off $14,000 in Credit Card Debt

6 Ways to Eat Organic and Local Food While on a Budget

We Need Your Help

Ben’s Challenge, Week 6: My Budget Exposed

February 2012

Is Debt Consolidation a Good Idea?

Big or Small City - What Really Costs More?

Ben’s Challenge, Week 5: Help for Getting Out of Debt

Join and Participate in America Saves Week

CFPB Targets Debt Collectors and Credit Bureaus

What to Do if You Can’t Pay All Your Bills

Ben’s Challenge, Week 4: Can I Make Money on eBay?

The $25 Billion Foreclosure Fraud Deal: What It Means for You

What Is Income-Based Repayment of Student Loans?

Ditch the Valentine’s Day Traditions and Celebrate All Year Long

Ben’s Challenge, Week 3: My Credit Score

Don't Get a Payday Loan! Try These Alternatives First.

How to Ensure Positive Changes Turn into Lifelong Habits

January 2012

Ben’s Challenge, Week 2: Spending Less

How Bad Are Payday Loans?

Stop the Cycle of Financial Debt and Future Mistakes

What Are Your State of the Union Predictions?

Ben’s Challenge: Week 1

Moving For Cheap - How to Relocate on a Budget

My New Year's Resolution: Help Me Stay Motivated

What's Your Experience With Private Student Loans?

3 Things the Government Should Do Immediately to Protect Consumers

Tips to Turn Any Yard Sale Into a Money Making Success

Debt Avalanche Vs. Debt Snowball: Which is The Best Way to Pay Off Debt?

The Daily Commute: 7 Ways to Maximize Time and Save Money

Discover the Science Behind New Year's Resolutions

December 2011

ReadyForZero Budgeting Spreadsheet

How to Make New Year's Resolutions that Stick

Last-Minute Holiday Shopping: Avoid Buyer's Remorse

Save Money and Enjoy Your Vacation with These 6 Tips

10 Handmade Gift Ideas to Help You Save Money

Why Your Bank Wants to Be Friends on Facebook

5 Financial Lessons from Your Favorite Holiday Characters

Get in Debt, Go to Jail?

You’re Already in Student Loan Debt… Now What?

3 Dangerous Shopping Traps and How to Avoid Them

Are You a Binge Shopper?

4 Financial Mistakes to Avoid During the Holidays

What You Need to Know About ‘Balance Transfer Day’

Credit Card Usage On the Rise Again

What Will You Do When You Reach Zero?

Protect Yourself from Debt After Death

3 Years After Credit Bubble Popped, Late Payments Are Still Common

Surprising Facts About Black Friday 2011 [Infographic]

How to Keep the Holidays from Annihilating Your Budget

November 2011

Record Spending on Black Friday? Not for Our Users!

A Cure for Your Black Friday Shopping Hangover

5 Tips to Help you Tackle Black Friday

Got a Buck? How You Can Be Giving While in Debt

The Myth of Minimum Payments: They’re Sneakier than You Think

How to Turn Your Financial Goal Into a Smashing Success

What if You're Not Ready to Pay for College?

Mid-Week Reads: Doodles, IRAs and Generosity

Breaking the Mental Chains of Debt

The Curious Connection Between Guns and Credit Cards (Infographic)

Online Banks Vs. Traditional Banks: Which is Right for You?

How To Master the Art of Perseverance

Major Pains

What Was Your Biggest Financial Mistake?

How Tiffany Paid Off $8,000 of Debt In Under 10 Months

Graduates Drowning in Average Loan Debt of $25,000

4 Differences between Private and Federal Student Loans

Bank of America Backs Down from $5 Debit Card Fee

The Dog-Loving Woman Who Paid Off $1,081 of Debt In 4 Months

October 2011

How Americans Spend their Paychecks

ReadyForZero Success Profile: Jared

Obama to Announce New Student Loan Plan

Five Things a Bank Teller Could Teach You About Your Finances

Student Loan Default is De-angerous

How to Understand Your Credit Card Statement

Redesign Your Financial Behavior with Psychological Traps

Citibank CEO Calls On Banks to Treat Customers Better

Americans’ Credit Card Spending Lower for the Second Month in a Row

Living Cheap in a Big City: How to Keep Rent from Devouring your Life

One Third of Americans Would Immediately Be at Risk of Losing Their Home or Apartment if Laid Off

Talking ‘Bout My Generation: “We Are the 99 Percent”

10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Student Loans

Debt Collectors and Cell Phones: Do They Mix?

Would a National Debt Relief Program Save the Economy?

September 2011

4 Free Ways to Boost Your Happiness Today

Bank of America Announces New Fees For Debit Cards

Peer to Peer Marketplaces: How You Can Use Them to Save and Make Money

ReadyForZero Success Profile: Felipe

Americans’ Credit Card Spending Higher than Last Year

Why Health Care Costs Are Rising (And What You Can Do to Protect Yourself)

How to Dress Well on a Budget

ReadyForZero Success Profile: Colin

Is Student Loan Forgiveness for All Students a Good Idea?

Funny Fridays: Five Ways Chewing Gum is Good For You.

Basics of Bankruptcy: How to Know When it is Your Best Option

7 Ways Dropping Debt is a Lot Like Dropping Weight

Should I Stay in School or Enter the Job Market?

President Obama to Discuss State of the Economy Tonight

Introducing Our New Debt-Free Guide for Recent College Graduates -- "Breaking Free"!

Unemployment by the Numbers: Getting Better or Getting Worse?

Who Credits the Creditors?

August 2011

Even Famous Athletes Can Struggle with Debt

Daily Spending: How Much Does it Cost You?

6 Financial Mistakes you Might be Making

ReadyForZero Success Profile: James

Personal Credit Reporting From Around the World

The True Cost of a For-Profit Education

How will the U.S. Credit Downgrade Affect Consumers?

How to Resist Psychological Sales Techniques

The Nine Levels of Debt Suffering

48-hour Longshot Magazine on Debt

May 2011

The Graduating Student’s Guide to Managing Finances and Tackling Debt

April 2011

Remind Yourself Not to Spend with our Free Stickers

Debt Expert Q/A: Our Small Business Tanked and Cleaned Us Out. What Now?

March 2011

How to Prevent Yourself from Overspending on Your Credit Cards

Debt Expert Q/A: Am I Following a Healthy Path to Freedom From Debt?

Lowering Your Interest Rate With a Simple Phone Call

February 2011

Debt Expert Q/A: I've Missed some Payments in the Past And Hurt My Credit. What Should I Do? - Jimmy

New Q/A Series with Steve Rhode, Resident Debt Expert

How Americans get out of credit card debt.

January 2011

Yahoo! Finance on "6 expenses you should never put on a credit card"

December 2010

ReadyForZero Interview: Damon Day, Financial Advocate & Debt Coach

Credit Card Statements: Where Bad Usability Equals Big Profit

November 2010

Bank of America lowered my credit limit: A user story (share yours!)

What is credit counseling and how does it work? (BONUS: Download-able worksheet.)

October 2010

Why We Started A Company to Help People Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Our Launch on TechCrunch

August 2010

America is ready to be debt free