Affordable Travel, Getting Your Mind Right, and Checking In: Our Best Posts from June


We’re starting an exciting new trend at ReadyForZero, one we almost wonder why it took us so long to do. Each month we’ll share some of our most notable blog posts from the past month. While all of our blog posts have a special place in our hearts, there are a few that we think are worth a second (or third!) glance. So, if you’ve been traveling and enjoying the warm weather in June, you can still see some of what you may have missed…

Without further ado, here are some of our best posts from June 2014.

Summer Travel

Ever notice that people tend to be “early summer vacationers” or “late summer vacationers”? If you’re in the latter half, then there’s still time to plan a great trip on a budget! Here are some fun ideas if you’re heading for the coasts…

Fun Things to Do in New York (Hint: Skip Times Square)

Meet Karl the Fog and 16 Other Fun Things to Do in San Francisco

… and some advice to keep you from overspending on travel sites:

How Travel Sites Trick You Into Spending More Money

Of course, the real key to staying on a budget while traveling is being prepared. Those last minute expenses while you’re on the go can eat up your travel budget quickly, so be sure to pack some of these essentials…

27 Essentials for the Budget Traveler (Because There’s Always a Use for Duct Tape)

… and don’t forget some light reading while you travel!

7 Books That Will Help You Destroy Debt and Live a Rich Life

Finally, some of the biggest expenses of the year can come from “oblications”. Read on to find out how to avoid these budget leaks so you don’t approach Fall empty-handed:

Obligations, Impulse Spending, & Other Budget Leaks

Getting Your Mind on Your Finances

Taking a breather for a minute during all the summer madness? If so, now’s a great time to center your brain and refocus on your finances. Summer is a difficult time to remain mindful of your money, but we’ve got just what you need to stay on track:

How to Embrace Lasting Habits (Step 1: Embrace Being Human)

How Your Brain Works Against You in Making Financial Decisions

Fake it Til You Make It: Hacking Optimism to Help You Pay Off Debt

After your motivated juices are flowing, harness that energy into your budget so you can save even more this summer. And not to worry, we’re keeping fun in mind with these tips…

No More Excuses: How to Finally Start Saving on Food Expenses

Wooing on the Cheap (Without Looking Cheap): How to Date on a Budget

All that money you saved will be a great use for paying off your debt even faster. If a mortgage is one of the types of debt you’re battling, don’t miss this post:

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster (Without Refinancing)

Checking in with Some of Our Readers

One of our favorite ways to stay motivated is to hear about others who are working hard to reach their financial goals – and some of you are pretty incredible at doing just that! Last month we shared the story of one of our readers who’s slashing her debt once and for all…

Jen’s Story: Slashing Debt with ReadyForZero

… and another who learned the dangers of avoiding those debt numbers. She’s now sharing her story with us so we can all remember the importance of facing our numbers and letting go of guilt:

How One Woman Stood Up to Her Numbers and Got Past the Guilt of Debt

Speaking of stories, sometimes we like to share our own too! Read on to find out how one ReadyForZero team member learned how to find happiness and financial freedom through a little bit of (calculated) risk taking:

How Two Moves and a Major Career Change Led Me to Happiness and Financial Freedom

Always Looking Towards the Future

Many of you are facing difficult debt battles, but that doesn’t mean you won’t benefit from thinking about how you can avoid future debt. After all, paying off debt is only half the battle! To ensure that your debt payoff will be payoff for good, study this guide to avoiding debt:

The All-Inclusive Guide to Avoiding Debt

That’s all folks! Enjoy your July and don’t forget to check back for more next month! Now, I’m off to find a pool and a bbq for some summer fun…

Image Credit: Coley Christine Catalano

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