A Gift Guide to a Thoughtful and Affordable Mother’s Day

I always love Mother’s Day because I think my mom (like most moms) is underappreciated. I’m thrilled there’s one day a year we can set aside to celebrate her. Everyone loves to get gifts, but what moms really love, is when we take the time to show them how thankful we are they’re in our lives. Here are some thoughtful and affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas your mom will love:

Affordable Mother's Day Gift IdeasDIY specialty gift baskets. A “Do It Yourself” (DIY) gift basket is simple to make and easy to tailor to your mother’s likes and dislikes. Just purchase an inexpensive basket at any craft store and then fill it with some of her favorite candles, bath salts, lotions and other beauty goodies. Or you could put in some candies, chocolates and other homemade treats. If it reflects your mom’s personality it will be even more special, so get creative with it!

Customize your own cards. Whether it’s a poem, a song or just a handwritten letter, creating a custom card will definitely bring a smile to your mother’s face. It doesn’t take much time or money, but it’s a heartfelt gift she will really enjoy – and will probably cherish for a long time.

Recipe card box or binder. A few years ago, I gathered up all my mom’s recipes, made copies of them and put them in a decorative binder. I bought some sheet protectors and tabs to label the recipes into sections. She absolutely loved the gift! It’s a nice way to organize the family recipes and you could do the same thing with a recipe card box as well.

Personalize a flower arrangement. All women love flowers and trust me when I say, we can never get them enough. Most local flower shops will let you create a personalized bouquet for that special someone. Look for online special at sites like ProFlowers.com and FTD.com for custom but inexpensive bouquets. It will mean so much more when you tell her you made the arrangement yourself. As an alternative, you could pick some wildflowers and make a wild arrangement too.

Start an herb or veggie garden. Herb and vegetable gardens have dual benefits; they cater to someone’s green thumb while offering fresh veggies and herbs for cooking. With simple herbs, like rosemary or basil, and veggies like tomatoes, you can start a vegetable or herb garden for your mom. You can find inexpensive pots and planters at most home and garden stores. It’s a nice gift that you and your mom can continue to grow and nurture together.

A day or night off. A mother’s work is never done and they deserve a day off from time to time. Offer to take over the household chores for the day, or volunteer to cook the family a meal. Purchase a certificate for a spa day, or give her a gift card to her favorite restaurant. Let her know the day is all about her.

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Books and magazine subscriptions. My mom loves to read books and magazines, so one year I bought her a $25 discount card membership to a local bookstore. Every month she gets new releases and magazines for half the price. Consider buying her a subscription from Discount Mags or giving her an Amazon gift card to purchase ebooks of her choosing.

Clean out and wash the car. Gather up a bucket, some soap and a sponge and give the family car a good cleaning. Vacuum the inside and fill up the gas tank. You could keep this a secret and she’ll be surprised the next time she needs to car pool or run errands.

Canvas print of a family photo. You don’t have to be an artist or photographer to create a nice art piece. Take your mom’s favorite photo and upload it to a site like Canvas on Demand. It turns a photo into a beautiful art canvas. I did this with one of my vacation photos that now hangs above my fireplace.

A memory journal. I’m one of 5 brothers and sisters so we have some crazy, sad and funny memories we’ve made together over the years. Ask everyone in the family to write down their favorite memory into a journal. It can be something silly, or more serious, whatever you choose. When the next Mother’s Day rolls around, keep adding to the memory journal.

Give a gift that keeps on giving. All moms enjoy getting gifts that make their lives easier and help save them time. Consider buying your mom a crockpot, a vegetable/rice steamer or a blender. These are items that encourage healthy cooking that’s quick and easy, while saving time and money. Another gift that keeps giving are old-fashioned hugs and kisses, moms can never get enough of those.

These are just a few ideas to give your mom something special without spending too much money. If nothing else she just wants to spend a little time with you on Mother’s Day. Give her a phone call, take her out for coffee or send her a card in the mail. As long as the gift is thoughtful and heartfelt, it will be greatly appreciated.

What are your favorite Mother’s Day gift ideas? Leave a comment below!

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  • Finding a gift my mom will actually use is a sucker’s bet. I think I’ll just give her cash. 

    • What about the “day off” or “night off” from chores? I’m sure she’d appreciate that! Although it may be hard if you’re not in the same city. If not, then maybe a handmade/handwritten card?

  • Jenna from Adaptu

    What a great list of gift ideas.  While I was in college, I would get my mom Gilmore Girls on DVD for Christmas, her birthday and Mother’s Day and send notes about watching them with her when I was back (I went to school out of state).  So she got tons of Episode Dates with me 🙂

    • That is a great gift idea! What a nice way to bond with your mom – I’m sure she appreciated those Episode Dates a lot. Glad you liked the article and thanks for the comment.

  • Glad you liked the post!

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