7 Ways Dropping Debt is a Lot Like Dropping Weight

Did you know that losing weight and getting out of debt are consistently one of the top 10 most commonly kept (and broken) New Years’ resolutions? The two issues may be seemingly unconnected, but it turns out that they have a lot more in common than you might think.  Here are 7 ways in which getting rid of that spare tire is a lot like reducing the balances on your credit card.

1) Real American Problems.
70% of American households have debt and 65% of American adults are overweight.  Chances are that you or someone you know is struggling with with at least one of these issues. Both are a real problem that Americans are dealing with and  both issues are very important to our well-being and livelihood.

2) Important to make a plan and stick to it.
Dropping debt and dropping lbs both require some resolution and determination. You must have a goal in mind, figure out a game plan and work hard to achieve your goal. The more significant the amount you need to lose, the more crucial it is to plan for it. If you’ve got credit card debt that you’re itching to pay off,  ReadyForZero has  the tools you need to help you make a plan and stick to it.

3) Track your progress to see results.
Programs like weight-watchers are a success because they help people demystify and understand the process of weight loss. Track what you eat, how much you exercise and what you weight on a daily basis and you’ll see small victories that keep you motivated to reach your goal. Similarly, you could manually track the progress you’re making on reducing your debt OR you could automate the process by using ReadyForZero. If you stick to your plan, make payments and log-in on a regular basis, you’ll see the results of your hard work.

4) Removing temptation is key.
If you don’t have candy or cookies lying around the house or your office, you’re less likely to eat it and gain weight as a result. If you make your credit cards inaccessible to use, you’ll be less likely to charge it on the card and accrue debt. So get some ReadyForZero lockdown stickers or use these handy techniques to remove the temptations!

5) Beware of scammy/too good to be true offers.
Green Tea that helps you drop 5 lbs in 3 days! Consolidate all your debt in one low easy payment!  Both of these industries are riddled with companies that are exploiting vulnerable individuals who are struggling with this issue. Be critical of anything you come across that promises drastic results because chances are, there’s a catch.

6) The holidays are tough to get through without gaining any!
The Holidays are an amazing time of year filled with friends, family and joy, but they sure do put a monkey wrench in your plans to ‘be good’ sometimes don’t they? It’s more important than ever at this time to exercise some will power and not give in to temptation.  Eat a healthy meal before you attend the office holiday party. Be creative and thoughtful with your gifts instead of being lavish and spendy with your credit card. You’ll thank yourself  in the long run.

7) The accomplishments of others inspires us.
Did you hear Jim dropped 50lbs last year and looks better than ever? Did you know that Mary just got out of $20,000 debt and she couldn’t be happier? When we hear about other peoples’ success stories, it inspires us and keeps us motivated. That’s why we started profiling real ReadyForZero users  who are taking charge of their finances and getting out of debt, one credit card at a time. We hope that reading their stories helps you stay strong in your mission to reduce debt.

If you are struggling with either one of these issues, we wish you the best of luck. Tackling them is not an easy task, but we’re on your side and rooting for you.

What are some other ways in which losing weight and getting rid of debt are similar?

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