5 Ways to Make Real Money Without Mowing Your Neighbor’s Lawn

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Let’s face it.  You do a quick search on Google for different ways to make money and almost every single result gives you mediocre, unrealistic, and far-fetched ways to make extra cash. Most of these are regurgitated tips that has never changed in past decade. For example, signing up for Inbox Dollar makes you listen/watch ads for less than a buck, and a lot of these “make money from home” advertisements are a waste of your time. Do you really want to be spending your valuable time doing mundane tasks? If you’re looking for ways to make extra cash, the time is now. Now more than ever, the evolution of on-demand companies is making it easier for us to put a little more cash in our pockets. The days of mowing your neighbor’s lawn, selling unused items on Craigslist, or baby sitting that annoying little kid is over.

Got a Knack for Knowing Where All the Items are in the Grocery Store?

Then consider becoming an Instacart Shopper, an on demand grocery delivery app. You can create your own flexible work schedule during your free time and earn up to $25/hour. Customers place an order through their app and you’ll be in charge of running to the grocery store and doing the shopping for them. Here are the requirements:

  • Up to date smartphone
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Ability to lift 25lbs
  • Able to work some nights and weekends
  • Valid Driver’s license, good driving record, and proof of auto insurance

Don’t Feel Like Shopping? Deliver Good Eats to Hungry People

Caviar curates the best restaurants in each city and delivers it to your doorsteps.  You’ll be responsible for picking up the orders and delivering it to its destination.  You can earn up to $25/hour as well. If you can navigate your way in your city fairly well, then Caviar might be a great fit for you.

…Caviar intrigued me so I signed on as a courier and started working 3 days later. With Caviar, I discovered new restaurants, learned the sights and the local streets. Working as a courier is fun – customers are always happy to see us and we are bringing them the food they love. -Jennifer O.

Do You Know Your City Inside and Out?

Then you’ll be a perfect fit to become a Vayable Insider. Vayable is a platform to connect travelers with local insiders and provide them with the best real-life experience as possible. No more tourist traps and crowded tourist attractions. Vayable is great for those who has unconditional love for their city and wants to share it with others.  You get to meet amazing people from all around the world and make their vacation an unforgettable one. Create your own schedule and accept payments from anywhere in the world. You’ll have the option to create your own “experience” and fees.

Do You Excel in Academics?

If you’re looking to make extra cash and excel in certain subjects, consider becoming a tutor from Wyzant. Wyzant connects tutors with students for a private lesson. You can choose your own rates and work hours. Wyzant tutors hae earned over $64,000,000 so far. Payments are sent directly to your bank and you have the ability to empower students to achieve their goals. Whether you’re an established pro or new to tutoring, listing your services on Wyzant

 If All Else Fails, Try TaskRabbit…

TaskRabbit is perfect for anyone who can lend an extra hand.  You can sign up to help around the house, move boxes, or plan events. All you need to do is specify your skills and interests and TaskRabbit will match you with people who need your help. They’ll handle all the payments and support. If you’re looking to make extra cash on the side, don’t settle for the get quick rich schemes or tasks that are unrealistic.  Do something that scales and can provide a steady source of income. What are some of your favorite ways to make money on the side?

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    Wow these are great! If I wasn’t very pregnant I’d totally sign up :p

  • I agree with MSL that these are some great ideas on ways to legitimately make some extra cash! Thanks for sharing.