5 Ways to Pay for a Wedding With Little Money


If you’ve gotten married or attended a wedding recently, you know they can be expensive. The average wedding costs, as of 2014, just over $31,000 and that doesn’t even to begin to touch the cost of a honeymoon! In a perfect world, you would’ve budgeted for your wedding but in many instances that is simply not the case.

It is possible to pay for a wedding with little money, but pulling it off comes down to assessing your priorities. You might be tempted to think the only option is to take out a personal loan though there are many other options to consider. If you need to pay for a wedding with little money, have no fear as there are many possibilities that don’t require you to sacrifice your dreams, desires or the lifelong memories your wedding will make.

Negotiate, then Negotiate Some More

I remember when my wife and I got married. We mentioned the phrase “wedding” and it seemed like vendors marked things up by an additional 25 percent. The first thing we did was negotiate. It’s likely you have numerous vendors to choose from, use that to your advantage.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price as many vendors build wiggle room into their prices. If they don’t, do some comparison-shopping to get a better price. You could also look at exchanging services, assuming you have one to offer, to have a more affordable wedding.

Insource What You Can

Having a traditional wedding means you’ll need assistance from a variety of vendors. That can quickly add up in cost. Instead of outsourcing everything, insource everything you can.

Think of what talents your friends or family have. Do you know anyone who is good with music, decorating or baking? All of those are talents can be brought in-house to save you money. The amounts saved might seem small, but they all add up to shave thousands off the cost of your wedding.

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Get Your Wedding Sponsored

Once seemingly far-fetched, sponsored weddings give two parties something they both want. For the wedding couple, it gets them certain items at no cost and for the company providing said items it gets them advertising.

This is by no means an easy endeavor, and unless you’re a celebrity, you likely won’t get sponsorship from a major brand. That being said, newer local companies or those wanting to break into the wedding industry could be great options to approach for sponsorship.

Throw A Reception Only

So much of the wedding cost comes down to the dress, venue and decorations. There’s nothing saying you need to have any of those costs. Instead, consider eloping or going to the courthouse and you instantly cut a significant part of the wedding cost.

Hold a simple, modest reception after exchanging vows or your honeymoon. As one who spent too much on his wedding, this is an option I wish we would have considered.

Shop Sales

One simple way to plan a wedding on little money is to do many of the things yourself. Take it a step further and only shop sales. If you’re getting married after a particular holiday, wait until after the day to score some deals. You can do this for things like decorations or gifts for the wedding party.

When buying an item isn’t something you want to do, consider borrowing the item instead. It’s likely some of the items you’ll need will only be used for your big day, so ask friends who have recently been married to help cut costs even more.

Getting married is a joyous event. Don’t give into the belief that you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars that can be better used elsewhere. If you have little money, you can still have a memorable wedding day. Afterall, it’s about the joining of two people – not throwing a party for hundreds of your friends.

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