48-hour Longshot Magazine on Debt

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We are excited to see the release of Longshot Magazine issue #2, Debt. This magazine is crowdsourced from the community, written, edited, and published from start to finish in 48 hours. Issue #2 is full of stories about debt of all kinds, from monetary, to emotional, to sleep.

Some excerpts from our favorite pieces:

Financial Theater

“I know what a courtroom looks like,” Dan said later. “I’ve been in a courtroom before.” There’s a raised bench for the judge—no judge, though—a podium, a witness stand. A makeshift jury box—several rows of chairs, like the kind in an airport waiting area—lines one wall. A big-screen television hangs from the front of the judge’s bench. Dan doesn’t see a court reporter, which seems weird—there’s always a court reporter, right? But the place just screams courtroom. There are even law books on a table near the judge’s bench.

A Letter to my Student Loan

When I finally got serious and moved on to my Bachelor’s and my Master’s, you helped introduce me to Faulkner and Steinbeck, to Foucault and Derrida. This poor country boy now decorates his library like a solid member of the middle class.

Into the Debtpocalypse

One of the biggest differences now is that my self-esteem is way better than it was before going into bankruptcy. There was a sense before of, oh, if I get this, or if I get that, or if I get the girl, then I’ll feel good about myself. I’ve gone through the worst, and I’ve learned that I’ve got to feel good with what I have, and I’ve gotten to that point. Even if I’ve got no money, I’ve got life.

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