2013 ReadyForZero Year In Review and Thank You


This has been a significant year for the ReadyForZero team and our customers. Every year, we like to review our progress, make sure we’re on track, and highlight the areas where we could be doing better. This gets us inspired to set bigger goals and keep ourselves accountable for the next year.

Our vision remains the same: build the best tools for paying off debt and managing credit – automatically. To continue doing this work, we need to be a successful and sustainable business. This means setting goals and growing the company into something bigger than ourselves. Our customers continued success and support – whom I’m often in direct contact with – has made it easier to stay focused. Thank you for being with us.

2013 has been memorable for ReadyForZero in each of these key areas: product, business, and growth. I asked the team to share their thoughts on our most important accomplishments in 2013. Here’s what they came up with:


  • Customers who upgrade can now track their VantageScore 3.0 credit score while tackling their debt. Credit data fits naturally alongside ReadyForZero’s progress bars and debt repayment graphs.

  • We released a series of video testimonials and interviews with actual customers from across the country.

  • We introduced our partner program, with a secure API that allows approved partners to offer our award-winning services within their own products.

  • We added recurring monthly and biweekly payment functionality – something I regularly use myself.

  • Next day payments are also now included as part of ReadyForZero PLUS, which means our users no longer have to wait for payments to clear.

  • If you’re interested in what trends we foresee in financial products in 2014, please check out our popular Forbes post: “Financial Services Trends To Watch In 2014”.


  • Our revenues grew about 4,000 percent compared to 2012 revenues. Expanding revenues has only been an area of focus more recently, as we work to grow our premium PLUS service and commercial partnerships with approved financial institutions.

  • We added key strategic investors who believe in our vision to be the leading provider of financial tools for managing debt and credit effectively.

  • We partnered with Experian, the world’s largest credit bureau, to become the industry’s first interface to combine VantageScore 3.0 credit information, real-time account data, bill payments and personalized financial offerings.


  • We helped customers pay down over $125 million in personal debt (an increase of over 400% compared to 2012).

  • We helped customers consolidate millions of dollars in personal debt at lower rates (an increase of over 300% compared to 2012).

  • The ReadyForZero Blog won a Plutus Award for the top financial product blog this year while receiving over 1 million pageviews in 2013.

  • We created a ReadyForZero Community where customers are able to get to know and help each other directly.

As a financial services company, our team knows it has to dedicate extra energy to meet and exceed your expectations. We are focused on continually doing better, and this year will be no exception. In the coming year we’ll be looking to improve in the following 4 areas: (1) giving you more high-quality financial advice, information and relevant offers, both on our blog and within our products; (2) improving the process of linking accounts within ReadyForZero to increase accuracy, improve automation, and reduce ongoing maintenance; (3) continuing to expand our premium services and payment options; (4) expanding our commercial partnerships to get ReadyForZero into the hands of even more customers.

Please let us know your ideas for how we can make ReadyForZero better in 2014 and beyond! You can contact me directly anytime: rod@readyforzero.com

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