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If you cannot pay all or part of your taxes then send what you can but always file your tax return otherwise a failure to file penalty of 5% per month will take effect on any taxes owed. If you fail to file for 5 months, this interest rate can be as high as 25%.

Founder’s Story with Jason Wang of Caviar


Jason Wang is one of the co-founders of Caviar, a premium food delivery service that curates the best restaurants in the city and brings them to your doorstep. Jason was of Y-Combinator’s Summer 2011 class.

RFZ: Can you tell us a little background about how you decided to start Caviar?

Jason: I started Caviar with a team of 5 people all from my previous startup, a daily deals company selling discounted dishes at restaurants in May 2012. While working on the product, we realized that we were eating the same 2-3 meals from the same restaurants every single week. We love food and wanted to change up our dining routine but didn’thave time to visit our favorite places across town. Naturally, we called these places and asked if delivery was an option and quickly learned that not a single good restaurant in SF offered delivery. After speaking with the restaurants, we learned that for many, it was too time-consuming and costly to run their own delivery operations. We couldn’t have been the only people in San Francisco that wanted food from these great restaurants delivered, so we decided to tackle the problems that restaurants and customers were facing and bring more great food from the best restaurants to customers across the city.

Should You Tell Your Kids About Your Debt?


If you’re a parent, you know raising a child is no small feat. You do the best you can and hope you’re preparing them to lead successful, satisfying and meaningful lives as adults. There are a myriad of ways to handle the milestones your child faces and there’s often not one clear-cut best way to respond in every situation. Thankfully, the milestones your child faces and the significant life experiences you go through as parents provide great teaching opportunities.

One such instance is telling your kids about your debt. To some, this is a taboo topic that should be excluded from conversations with children. As nearly three quarters of adults deal with financial stress, you don’t want to cause undue stress that can fester inside your child’s thoughts or emotions. You don’t want to scare them but you also want to prepare them to manage their finances confidently as adults and avoid some of the mistakes you may have made.

5 Ways to Make Real Money Without Mowing Your Neighbor’s Lawn

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Let’s face it.  You do a quick search on Google for different ways to make money and almost every single result gives you mediocre, unrealistic, and far-fetched ways to make extra cash. Most of these are regurgitated tips that has never changed in past decade. For example, signing up for Inbox Dollar makes you listen/watch ads for less than a buck, and a lot of these “make money from home” advertisements are a waste of your time. Do you really want to be spending your valuable time doing mundane tasks? If you’re looking for ways to make extra cash, the time is now. Now more than ever, the evolution of on-demand companies is making it easier for us to put a little more cash in our pockets. The days of mowing your neighbor’s lawn, selling unused items on Craigslist, or baby sitting that annoying little kid is over.

How to Be Broke and Still Have a Fabulous Vacation


If you’re a person who truly loves to travel and your debt is holding you back, then you need to think outside the box for creative ways to have a memorable travel experience. A resort getaway is not the only way to have a fabulous vacation.

As a former broke graduate student, I had to think of different ways to travel without breaking the bank. I know it’s possible to make your limited funds stretch to far off places and for new and crazy adventures.

You’ve found your flight deal and booked it without thinking about the actual details, so now what? Figure out what’s left in your budget and don’t feel bad if it won’t cover the estimated $200/night for a hotel cost. If you’ve embarked on this trip to find adventure, meet local people, and have amazing stories to tell your friends and family when you return, then keep it simple and local with these travel tips.

On This Day: NationsBank and BankAmerica announced a $62.5 billion merger


On April 13,1998, NationsBank and BankAmerica Corporation announced a $62.5 billion merger to create Bank of America, the country’s first coast-to-coast bank. The merger was the largest bank merger in American history at the time. Bank of America became America’s first national bank big enough to compete with Japanese and German banks in global markets, introduce computer banking to consumers, and become a player on Wall Street.

Founder’s Story with Jeremy Smith of SpotHero


Jeremy Smith is one of the co-founders of SpotHero. SpotHero is an on-demand parking app & website that helps drivers find parking and reserve a spot with convenient garages, lots, and valets for up to 50% off the drive-up rate. They received $7M in funding from several VC firms including Chicago Ventures and Bullpen Capital. You can find them on iTunes and Google Play App Store.

RFZ: Can you tell us a little background about how you decided to start SpotHero?

Jeremy: The idea of SpotHero actually stemmed from my own personal problems.  I used to live in a Wrigleyville, which is located near the Cubs Stadium in downtown Chicago. I amassed literally thousands of dollars in parking tickets during game days, and I knew something had to be done.

How Low Self-Esteem Could Be Keeping You From Paying Off Your Debt


When we talk about low self-esteem in our society, we often tie it back to body issues and negative feelings about our outer appearance. But self-esteem doesn’t just dictate how you feel when you look in the mirror, it can be the driving factor in how you show up in relationships, what you think you can achieve in your career, and how you handle your money.

Self-esteem is that not-so-quite voice telling you your worth for that day, or month, or lifetime. If you don’t think you’re worth much, your decision-making will ultimately reflect your negative self-talk.

So how can emotions impact the physicality of your financial picture? Here are just few ways.

Money Lessons I Wish I Knew In My Early 20s

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I’ve had my fair share of mistakes when it comes to personal finance. Last week I wrote a post about how online poker changed how I view money. I was spending money like there was no tomorrow, splurging on unnecessary items, and didn’t save a single penny of winnings.

Ten years later, I look back and think about how things would’ve been different. I play out these “what if” scenarios in my head thinking that I’d have a more sizable retirement account, or I’d be traveling around the world  in the most exotic destinations.

This certainly isn’t the case. I’d be lying if I told you that I didn’t regret some of the poor financial decisions that I’ve made, but what I’ve learned from these mistakes helped me pave a new road with very minimal road blocks.

How Starting a Fitness Routine Helped Improve My Finances


Athleticism was never my strong suit in school. In fact, I still have flashbacks of the times I was held after gym class to practice stepping with one foot and throwing with the opposite arm. Clearly these were not my proudest moments.

This formed the story I told myself all through high school and my early 20s – I wasn’t going to attempt much of anything requiring physical strength, talent, or endurance because I would never be good at it.